Thursday, July 20, 2006

never getting a girlfriend

it is too hot and i fel like i will not ever have a girlfriend. this weather enforses them to wear those lovely tops which means i get to see just how lovely they really are. if i dont get married and have sexual relationships soon i will end up with a buildup of love between my legs which cannot be releaved.

i got very upset last week and wrote a list to the britcaster show called top of the pods about my experiences with girls which i heard on the way to work today. it felt good to hear the some good advice back about dates although they read out my advice too. i am going to try heading out at the weekend, buy a new shirt and try a different tecqnique. i must also buy some bubble bath.

i have so much to give to a girl. if anyone is outthere in guildford who is nice and wants a guenine relationship then please email me with your photo with some address details and so on.


At 9:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame you aren't a dog, least you could lick your balls when you get lonely

At 8:20 pm, Anonymous bryan-in-greece said...

I listened in to the TOTP show, Roger, and I thought your advice was great - so much so that I am going to start chatting up girls to test it out even though I already have a live-in girlfriend.


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