Thursday, July 13, 2006

tv set broken

someone at work told me that when your tv set is switched off at night but the red light is still on then the tv is using up lots of power. last night i managed to remove the little red light bulb from the front of the tv to save that extra power as it wasnt providing much illumination anyway. now the tv refuses to switch on at all and i think i am going to have to pay to get it fixed. all these greenies and hippies with their newfangled radiacal ideas which just arnt practical in real life. they can shove their lentals up their arse. i am now missing big brother due to their stupid advice.


At 3:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just re-connect the led wires you took off and everything should be ok.

PS. the little light consumes little to no power,it's the back up system behind it that eats a little (5 watts) power.Even more important is the risk of fire if you do not turn off your TV set completely after watching.

At 11:40 pm, Anonymous Room 101 said...

The big news on Big Brother is that a rat has appeared in the garden and wee-weed into the jacuzzi.

As a result Imogen has got the early symptoms of Weil's Disease.

Apart from that, not a lot happening Roger.

At 1:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nikkie was kicked out tonight Roger; that's about it :)

At 10:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that Nikki has gone, the boys seagulled Pete and Ashlene who were poking around under the duvet.

At 12:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The housemates didn't take nicely to Richard accusing Michael of being a bungle boy, so they voted him out.

Meanwhile Jayne pisses everyone off for having a y in her name and belching into everyone's Viz.

So it's Richard or Jayne - you decide.

At 6:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the idea is you unplug your TV when you're not using it... dumb shit

At 7:49 pm, Anonymous Fowler said...

Don't you come here and dumb shit our Roger you anonymous you.

If you are that clever why aren't you browsing other websites about xml, rss and linux rather than coming here?

Don't worry Roger, given the poor grammar I suspect that anonymous is american.


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