Saturday, July 08, 2006

the morning after

went out with some peopel from work last night. got talking to some people in my team who i hate as thought i would give them a second chance. as i turns out i was right to hate them as they are all bastards who use me as the butt of their jokes. it really upsets me . this worked to my favor though as one of the admin staff who is fairly new stuck up for me. we ended up talking for a good 4 minutes and i gave her my phone number. then she had to get home to watch big brother. after that a few of us went to a rock nightclub where i drank too much and felt ill. i rang her but she was angry with me. i am confused by girls and dont understnad them. all this advice that people give me is stupid. i feel so lonley and depressed. all i want is to take a girl to the cinima f-have fun, feed ducks, watch the sun go down and kiss like so many others. i am wasteing the best years of my life and have so much to give emotionally but not finacially. only the internet offers me solice in its electronic bousem. i have just started my shift and have to face a lot of these people in a couple of hours who i feel are responsible for my misery. below are some pictures i have copyed over documenting the highlights of the evening - it was very dark and most of the people were moving so they have not come out as well as i hoped.

girls arse at bar


girl who walked past and smiled at my friend

her boyfriend

pretty lights

girl who asked me if anyone was using a chair

her arse

toilet bowl without seat

another girls arse


At 7:03 pm, Anonymous Lee Walker Snr said...

You certainly know how to enjoy yourself. Isn't it more fun with your clothes on and a Nokia camera phone?

At 8:42 pm, Blogger Boffius said...

Roger - don't worry! it's a phase we all go through. Nightclubs and crap townie pubs are the places to meet nobheads, and that's all. My advice (for what its worth!) is ease off (desperation is offputting, even if you're George Clooney) and trust that everything you want will come to you. Then it will. Sounds trite but trust me it works!

At 11:58 pm, Blogger daddydowse said...

If you build it, they will come.....


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