Tuesday, June 20, 2006

just an update

just been reading my emails, havent done that properly in ages. still seem to get a barrage of reminders from paypal, ebay and barclays bank, none of which i use their services but they still keep sending me things. these companies should all think about rebranding their names to stay one step ahead of the spammers perhaps. when i read the current brands they make me angry, i think these companys would be wise to change their names and maybe they would make some more money.

i keep faling asleep the minute i finish my dinner in the evenings. it annoys me as i cant stay awake to do anyhting in the evenings. i keep meaning to write my blog and record podcasts but cant do it as i'm so tired from my day job. i asked adam on todays daily source code if he knew a way to rectify this, there must be medical people who listen. i think what podcasting needs is a doctor who poeple can send in audio comments annoymously for curing purposes.

woken up to the football. england were playing sweeden who share the same logo as st ivel gold. we didnt win. ther should be another radio 1 clip tommorow night and i hope to tell people new to podcasting about some of the non commercial and more established podcasts which are available. if anyone is reading this blog after visitng the bbc site i will link to the blogs i have mentioned as the bbc dont put many details in their show notes other than lots of disclaimers.

got an email from comic strip blogger and i'm taking down everything offensive to the polish. i'd alwso like to apologise to him adn clarify that he doesnt fiddle with goats, nor anything else i've said about him with the chocolate bars and ringpeices. so sorry CSB!

i also wanted to recommend listening and watching madge weinsteins latest trip to europe on www.yeastradio.com - its really informative to learn about foreign cultures and i have learnt more listening to madge than I have in geography lessons at school. i'm relaly lonely tonight and feel like i havent done anything productive again, just sleep. my life is ending one minute at a time,.


At 4:43 am, Anonymous WLB :>) said...

>my life is ending one minute at a time,.<<

What a great sentence. I love the way you write, Roger...

WLB :>)

At 12:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i found that multi vits help with being tired , takes a week to build it up but does help. for those who cant sleep try listening to tony blairs podcast ;)

At 1:45 pm, Anonymous SCJ fan said...


I work really awful shifts as well, know what you may feel like, things that help me include, giving up ar cutting down on coffee and in favour of tea, fruit and good old exercise, have been going to a kick-boxing class or the gym, all helps.

At 5:13 pm, Blogger Scott Johnson said...

I know what you mean Roger - I suffer as well, and have the pleasure of having flu & a chest infection at the moment, which is not fun in this weather!

For all those interested in mashups - what Adam Curry used to play on his show in the early dates - check out my podcast at: http://ramdomthoughts.co.uk/



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