Monday, June 05, 2006

usb and bbc

have copied some music over to my phone at work using the usb cable, since saturday i have been listening to the free music library and music videos that came with it. i spoke to darren in IT today and he said I need to buy a special 'hub' for this computer if i want to use my mouse and conect my phone at the same time. Right now I dont have any spare usb ports and this angers me, so if there is anyone who makes computers with lots of usb sockets then please send me one

i am now trying to find somewhere with proper wifi other than work and none of my nieghbours have it. i have subscribed to adam and madge and its taken probably 3 minutes to download the 2 latest shows which usually takes around an hour on my modem!!! i think this is the future where your phone downloads podcasts without running itunes. they have built in podcast alley with all the traditional podcasts rather than itunes with all the commercial podcasts which is great. i've seen OPML in one of the menus which adam used to talk about and you can preview podcasts without needing to download everything. i have tried one other new music one that has some nice gentle music and listened to that on the way home. took some photos with it on saturday night and they came out well. i havent stopped playing with it since i got it and must stop obsessing.

i have some good other news, the bbc asked me to review podcasts and blogs for a show every week. i sent an example in, wasnt sure if they would play them and today the lady from radio one said they are going to. i got an email the other day but didnt want to get my expectations and hopes up. i feel this is a good oportunity to explain to people new to the scene that there is more to podcasting than what is on the itunes homepage such as movie companys promoting their films. i must wash.


At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Andy Stitzer said...

It sounds like you have a solution to your lonely nights, and it won't send you blind either.

If you wander down your street each night, and linger outside every house you are bound to find one that has an open wi-fi. Then you just have to loiter whilst it downloads the opml porn.

That's also when the camera will come in useful!

Perhaps you could take a candid photograph of chrissie in the bathroom with your new phone, and send it to her for use on myspace.

At 4:09 am, Blogger dkgemini said...

So glad to hear your god news Roger. Great that things are shaping up for you! All the best.

At 6:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger, I solved my lack of USB connections by buying a USB2 hub with 4 ports. It cost about £8 from Maplin.

At 9:24 pm, Blogger Psichonico said...

Dear Roger Smalls.

This is Stuart Storey (you may have heard me in a few DSC shows). Glad to hear your great news and im thinking of contacting you via skype (i want to talk to you about somthing). Do you still use skype or have a certain time. If so send message on here .

At 10:28 pm, Anonymous pDub said...

This is Satellite Repairman, you may have heard of me.

Would you like to join me in Second Life and suck my monopole?

At 1:17 am, Anonymous anjibee said...

wow the bbc, huh? i'm very proud of you! now be a good boy and try not to make any odd comments about porn, follwing prittygirls, or having wet dreams about adam curry which would scare them right off. :)


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