Saturday, May 20, 2006

friday night update for the house

i have to have a break. i rushed home after work tonight to watch big brother. it is late at night and i have been trying to depyher and comprihend the latest contestents in the house. there is much noise and a lot going on which is hard to fully understand. i do not yet know where my loyaltys lie so am going to stay out of it for now.

there is a man in there who sounds like that police officer in police academy who makes all the funny noises. this confuses yet compels me for he is very clever although he swears a lot.

i do hope that the woman situation improves though, fingers crossed a decent one finds that golden ticket to win a place in the big brother house. the chances of any woman who eats 40 kit kats a day being decent are remote. i think the housemates can wave goodbye to the shopping budget in 2 weeks time when a giant greasy haired spotty biffa with a chocolate bar fixation joins the house. i doubt the current selection of prettygirls will care though as they will be too busy in the house with their fingers down their thoats and hiding vomit in carrier bags to care about a greedy munter theiving all the pies. kinga was built for comfort, not for speed, and had way about her which i found mesmerising. i wish she was back again but i heard she is dating a stylist instead which upset me.

i will continue to watch E4 tonight until i fall asleep on the sofa. i feel i can trust them and it is always nice to wake up with other people who are sleeping, this is a sobering feeling .


At 8:13 am, Anonymous bonnar said...

I have latched onto Bonn-ar who struggles to say her own name and mashes up the language.

She is going to be my main minger this show and I think is going to turn out to be a real dirty dog. You can see the cogs turning when the camera is on her ashen face.

you would make a perfect contestant roger.

At 5:44 pm, Blogger bryan-in-greece said...

Try listening to Radio 4's afternoon play instead, Roger, it is far more digestible... ;-)

At 7:54 pm, Blogger Boffius said...

Hey Roger - perhaps a humumgous biffer is what that house needs, a bit of variety - again, too many effeminate vain 'men'. Not that I have anything against those kinds of bloke - but a high concentration gets a bit wearing! By the way - ignore CSB - he just jealous!


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