Tuesday, May 16, 2006

crash mother skype

i keep trying to update my blog but it has hung on me twice now, i have lost everything i typed in and now i have forgotton what i wanted to say. to prevent the deep feeling of loss when a computer forgets things i will keep this post short. however i now see a countrydiction with computer storage adverts that say "this CD-ROM is capable of storing 10000 documents" and "this memory card is capable of storing 500 photos' as my entire computer cant remember 3 paragraphs of text without going rainman on me.

i spent a long time talking to mum tonight and it scared me knowing that one day she would die and i would be alone. i dont want that and it made me want to cry. that wasnt what i originally typed in but it has been bothering me more so i thought i would share that instead of me complaining about stupid second life. noone is on skype any more, i found myself calling echo123 tonight for no reason.

if this doesnt save this time then i will get angry.


At 6:35 am, Blogger amb26 said...

Roger, why not type out what you want to say onto notepad, save it, then log in to Blogger and copy/paste the text from the notepad file into your new post. That's the way I do it, because I've had the same problem. You don't have to be logged into Blogger as long then.

At 7:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You to? I often ring echo123 for company. Isn't life strange.


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