Wednesday, May 10, 2006

big brother

its that time of year again where i get 12 new friends who are on call 24 hours a day - its 8 days until big brother on tv. i am really looking forward to it and think that it will take my mind off not having many real friends in guildford. i have had a couple of offers from people in guildford and woking who have read this journal who would like to meet up. i have had one too many liasons with unsavoury people via the internet that have left a very bad taste in my mouth and do not wish to repeat this again.i am sure that some are nice people but even sending a photo you do not know what you really get. one has to be safe.


At 6:52 am, Anonymous Jason said...

You're right, cottaging on Stoughton wreck with strangers can be pretty unsavoury. Who wants to meet an MP anyway?

This year there is the added bonus that Davina could give birth on live tv which would look good in colour.

BB is 2nd life for the masses

At 8:25 am, Blogger amb26 said...

My Wife can't wait for BB7 to start. I'm not so eager. There is always someone in that house who annoys you no end when you watch them(Michelle in BB5, Makosi in BB6).

I want to apologise for Lesley in BB6. I am from Huddersfield, and please believe me, we are not all like her. Ok, we like to start fights over nothing, and argue for no valid reason other than you told us to "shut up bitch", but you won't find us dressed up in funny outfits or anything. Oh dear, just remembered being passed by a bunch of women dressed as builders the last time I went out for a night out round Huddersfield, which was a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, they've got Dermot O'Leary on standby in case Davina drops the baby during this series.

I know of a cheap alternative to 2nd Life, 1st Life enhanced. Just go around wearing Rose-Tinted spectacles in your real life and marvel at the world around you, and be unusually nice to other people who you would normally run a mile from if you met them otherwise. We'd probably get arrested for trying to talk to everyone and anyone in the street, for being a nuisance.

Can you issue ASBOs in SL?


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