Friday, May 05, 2006

second life

i am fed up of hearing about Second life all the time. i dont have it so dont know what it is all about. now when i hear it mentioned i fast forward five minutes, even iffitfis adam or madge. if they mention it near the end of the show then i;ll just stop .

the strange thing is that adam encourages people on the roof of his castle in second life, yet if i were to climb on his roof of his house i think the neighborhood watch would be out again. i live in guildford and i innocently wander past his house on the way to his road most days, but all these freaks build virtual lighthouses nextdoor (in the middle of dry land??!) and it is i who gets called a stalker.

patricia was right about this, this is not rightf when there are real life thgs to do. even if i found a nice lady on this game i could never actually have any sex at her in real life . and my idea of a good time isnt waggling my mouse up my arse while some ex-convict hells angle pretends to be a pixellated mo'fo' lesbian hooker cybering her booty for 10 billiong space dollers then spilng love gravy into a glittery sock. this is how i imagine R2D2 and buck rogers to make love 100 years from now, but call kme old fashioned - i hope my first time will be with a woman covered in flesh and blood. with a tidy rack too.

for now let get podcasters talking about themselves again. am i alone??


At 1:57 am, Blogger Elaine said...

not alone Roger, I can get Second Life but find it incredibly boring. I had to agree with Patricia on this one. To each his own, but I like my sex hot and steamy and REAL.

At 4:45 pm, Blogger Tecno Tiger said...

Secondlife isn't designed for sex, it's an online virtual community, where your able to do whatever you want! Fly, teleport, build things with the power of your hands. Most people who find SL boring are people with a lack of imagination.

At 12:41 am, Anonymous Paul Gadd said...

Years ago, they used to stand with sandwich boxes at the ends of platforms. Now its 2nd life and all that bollox.

Personally, I am with the Wet Spots, I would take it any which way, even with an obtuse Hells Angle. Beggars can't be choosers.

You are welcome to my uninsulated roof of my shitty dive any time Roger. Bring a takeaway and some superstrength.


At 12:54 pm, Anonymous Roger Smalls Fan said...

Hey Roger,

You get a mention in this report from We Media MP3

I don't think you're a pervert - are you?

At 9:06 pm, Anonymous That Queer Expatriate said...

I'm with you Roger... I am tired of hearing about SL.

At 12:21 am, Blogger Edward said...

Well, I've made the Roger Smalls fan club inside Second Life for you anyway. You genius.


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