Sunday, March 12, 2006

Podcast - Web 3.0

nothing much has happened to me over the last week. i couldnot think of much to talk about today apart from some ideas about what i would like the next version of the internet to have. i wish something interesting would happen in my life but all i do is go to work and back. i missed the bus the other day and got rained on;that is the highlight of my week.



At 6:13 am, Blogger iNsAnE fILmS said...

Is that Dave Winder?

At 9:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life is short and singular, Roger. At least you can ponder the new feature set of Castburner whilst loitering around The Friary Bus Station at night.

At 10:18 pm, Anonymous anji bee said...

hi roger. i was listening to your audio blogs today and found that the bottom third of them are all broken links. :(

maybe adam can set you up with some additional server space for you audio files? you should ask him!

At 1:54 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

hi angi . thank you for telling me about that. i went to rizn but it looks like they have closed down, but most of my other podcasts are on ntlworld now. you were not missing anything much really.i will try to copy them to ntl if there is space (i only have 55megabytes spare) to use.

At 2:24 am, Anonymous anji bee said...

seriously, you should hit up adam curry for some podshow server space. he might be able to help you!


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