Wednesday, May 03, 2006

too much to download

i feel relly left out right now. i cant download that many podcast shows any more as my dialup is costing so much and work wont let me use the pc for personal use. i keep hearing all the podcasters playing a new computer game and meeting on there. i cant use it without a credit card and modem and feel so left out. i cant meet people in real life let alone this second life they speak of. this makes me so fustraighted.

I'm missing out on a vast world of horse dating

when are they going to make broadband afordable to people like me? typing this into blogger has probaly cost me 20 pence and i'm now having to resort to purchasing manual pornography again due to the rising costs of line rental. cant my ISP being one of my friends and family to allow free phone calls? the newsagent gave me a dirty look for buying this scud mag earlier on which made me feel aweful. but it is he who should be ashamed and not me as he is the one profiting from this filth, (which i might add is also ruthlessly degrading to the elderly community). and i've just noticed it is all in german. he even refuses to do refunds. crapcrapcrap. i now feel overcome with guilt.and i havent even christened the magazine yet. i just keep seeing the expression on that poor dinnerladys face and cant bring myself to do anything anymore.


At 10:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He Roger, look at the free broadband offer from talk talk it looks just what you need and you got nothing to loose comparing it with your current situation it sounds. Ed

At 11:25 pm, Anonymous Paul Gadd said...

Two questions and an idea Rog.

Why does it matter the mags are in german? who ever reads them anyway?

Do you have to ask for a box to get to the top shelf or does the shop still keep them further down still?

On the broadband front I just tap into my neighbours wifi network. He is too dumb to put a password on it.

I used to live next to a famous guitarist who got old before he died. Had to move though when the cops knocked on his door. Got free use of his network for years until then dammit.

Maybe if you sat outside AC house you could tap into his net and surf the 'see red' sites for free like he does?

At 12:40 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

i dont think that i have wifi on my computer, i can barely get channel five in my house . i doubt the couple next door would have any need for a computer as they are constantly having sex and listening to rap music all night.

the shop keeps its magazines on the top shelf which discriminates against the physically disabled who might not be able to reach, box or no box. when you think about it these people are the ones who are probably most in need of decent hands-on smut.i think newsagents could hide them in the crisps which makes them easy to reach if you are wheelchair bound. also a nice suprise instead of those 'books for schools' vouchers in bags of cheese and onion. i'm just thinking out loud.

At 6:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO did I miss something ? What happened to the meet up with Mr Curry ?

At 10:50 pm, Blogger Daz said...

Annon, unfortunately Roger had to work the weekend of the "draught and darts", which was a real shame because many of us were looking forward to seeing him.

Roger, your mobile phone podcasts, Curry Comments and blog are a great source of entertainment, I hope you're able to get back to posting more frequently soon.


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