Tuesday, March 21, 2006

dont believe everything you read in the papers

i found this to be true today when i went to watch last nights eastenders. the tv guide said it was on last night at 8pm but instead it recorded half an hour of a football match. does anyone know what happened last night? i just see journalists as paid bloggers. when you pay someone to do something chances are they'll hate it and wont do a good job,but bloggers do it becuase they enjoy doing it.

i relaised today that i read more blogs than web pages ;;its easier to read and they dont have annoying animations flying around in the way with banner ads. you dont get a comment button on offical news but you can interact with bloggers and even make friends with them . at least people like madge weinstein reply, for someone who is supposed to be 'the thinking mans presenter' fern cotton hasnt sussed out how to switch on her pc. if she wasnt so sexy i'd be angry,





At 3:47 am, Blogger lenny bellows said...

Jacek is an ugly twat, at that!

At 8:23 pm, Anonymous pip said...

LOL , he won't be happy about this..

At 1:46 am, Anonymous Phil V. said...

I wonder if you could publish some nude shots of fern on your blog site? I don't mind if you have cut and paste her head onto Alison Moyet or Dawn French's body.

It would be to get some new stock of fern fotos, as the current ones don't seem to have the same effect anymore, when I am surfing the internet.


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