Sunday, May 07, 2006

formula one

what i used to enjoy wtching as a child has now turned into the most boring sport in the world. its a shame that only a handful of the lcuky rich and famous can enjoy the sport, its like a dynasty of racing drivers all from the same family. the shoemackers (michal and ralf) being like the kennedys of moterracing. perhaps if kennedy was driving at the same speed as micheal shoemacker in his open top catalac he would have been a much harder target for a sniper to kill and perhaps still be alive right now. it would also have made those public parades much quicker events to conduct than driving round a 5mph.

due to political correctness the prettygirls in the pitstops have been forced to cover up, this is meant to be the most glamourous sport in the world for heavens sakes. personally i think those topless gymnastics videos doing the rounds on the internet are much more glamourous, a sport that i would happly pay formula one ticket prices to attend. its crazy. these formula one 'drivers' are not even proper drivers, they cant deal with real driving. throw a few caravans on the track and make them pay for their own petrol, then we'll see who's the real 'driver' out of the buttons and the shoemackers. it is funny that they moan about these new rules such as keeping the same tyres on the car for a whole day. i remember when i owned a car i never had to change my tyres from the time i brought the car right until the crash,these people complain if they havent had a change every 5 laps. watching the race on tv this afternoon was a total waste of time, this rich mans sport is out of the reach of ordinary people like me.


At 1:41 pm, Anonymous mspoke said...

Roger, you could always buy Scalextric?

At 7:37 pm, Anonymous Lewis said...

I agree, I bet Shoemackers could not hack it driving around the Guildford one way system zigzagging round the drunk chavs randomly crossing north street in front of The Friary.

Let's see him get in and out of an A3 garage waiting for the 4WD and Jag owners in front to fill their gas tanks as big as their bellies then paying by black amex.

Even buying just a top shelf mag from a garage takes longer than my hairtrigger, and the toilets are locked now.

At 11:36 pm, Blogger Will said...

Roger, where has your contribution to the DSC gone? We miss it...!

At 9:30 am, Blogger WJ said...

yeahh roger, please make you're (daily) comments on the charlie, we miss you!!!


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