Thursday, May 11, 2006


if anyone reads this who knows about mobile phoens can anyone suggest a mobile that would allow me to record good quality audio that i can record podcasts with, take photos during the day and in the dark and record high quality video clips if possible. i am not sure if they have zoom lenses yet but that would be usefull, i need to be able to record stable videos whilst running as my current cameraphones output is very shakey.some games would be nice, and all those ringtones too. the main thing is it has to be cheep (free with a prepaid contract?) and allow me to copy the files to my computer for podcasting and sharing videos. my current phone is falling to bits as i keep dropping it. i would like to have another nokia as i understand the menus, everyoene i work with has sony ericsons and razers. i would apprciate any help thanks.

ps - adam didnt sound mad with me for my comments today which is a releaf. a listener thought i have a girlfriend which sadly not true. one day i hope to have one, summer brings with it warm weather and prettygirls in skimpy cloths.madge also played my invite to stay with me when she visits europe on her show today and i hope that she is able to make it.


At 5:19 am, Anonymous anji bee said...

i think comic strip blogger knows a bit about mobiles. seems to me adam went on a bit about csb's past obsession with them, anyway...

i think the millionaire adam curry should give you one of his old macs and set you up with a proper broadband connection so you can be a regular show guest and get on second life.

everybody loves you on dsc roger!

At 8:09 am, Blogger Adrian Pegg said...

Wow Roger -

You KNOW who Anji Bee is ... don't you?

At 6:08 pm, Anonymous Comic Strip Blogger said...

to Roger Smalls: I have apologized to you, Roger Smalls. I have also removed the offending comic strip although it referred to name "Squalls" and not "Smalls". Now I hope that you, Roger Smalls, will at least remove from your blog all those nasty bad things that you, Roger Smalls, wrote about me. You can also send audio comment to Adam Curry with information that we are not longer at any quarrel.

Without this removal of nasty things about me from your blog, I will not be able to help you out with mobiles or otherwise.

At 7:07 pm, Anonymous Mark - said...

CSB = ickle baby about 18 months old

RS = ickle baby about 26 months old

At 9:12 pm, Anonymous dom said...

I would recommend the Nokia 1999 pre-paid phone second hand, that does all the things you want and is dead cheap now.

I used to use one when they first came out, click on my link to see it. It has a few drawbacks but can do all the things your want Roger.

Only problem I had was battery life, but I used jumper cables when I got caught short.

At 10:17 am, Anonymous Johan van Rooyen said...


Your typography has deteriorated lately - and you used to write so nicely...

At 4:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Roger

YOur best bet might be to look at the Sony ericsson 810i. Takes 2 megapixel pictures, plays MP3 files. Now, no idea if it's any good as a recorder but I'm sure that you could pop into any high street shop and get a keen sales assistant to tell you all you want to know.


At 10:21 pm, Anonymous Piet Van Der Valk said...

The typography looks all right to me.

The fonts, colour and layout haven't changed at all on your blogger style sheets.

So dunno what johann van Roydin is moaning about, all looks fine to me.


At 2:54 am, Blogger dkgemini said...

Roger, you're brilliant - and the phone I recommed to you is the SonyEricsson W800i. It's a great phone and you deserve it!

At 3:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nokia 3310


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