Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Da Vinchi Code

i cant move for the Da Vinci Code . on tv, in the papers, posters. it is everywhere. i do not understand what all the fuss is about.

its very irrisposible making a whole film about someones codes as it makes it much easier for woodbe criminals to guess passwords, PIN numbers and the combination to their bike lock. we have to change our passwords at work every month and i'm always forgetting mine. leanardo's network administrator must be shitting himself right now . if he wasnt dead. have the experts concidered that all these hidden codes scattered throughout history were just davinchis way of hiding his passwords? painting a picture of the mona lisa over his pin number was probably a lot safer than a post-it note with 'MaryMagdaline123' stuck to his monitor. all these beardie historians are just conspiracy theorists trying to create a fuss.

i will be sorely disappointed if the outcome to the film is that life is like a box of chocolates

i call it fuss but i think it is just hype and promotion. i notice with blockbuster films like this they take all the extras they make for the DVD and play them on channel five a week before the movie release. this is yet another reason not to buy a DVD player as i can just tape all the extras on the TV and watch the whole lot next year when i buy the film on VHS. i'm onto their scames. Roger Smalls - 1, Sanyo - 0.

i also feel italians should have added the letter 'H' in the spelling of Vinci so it looks like it sounds. they should also have named 'Pizza hut' as 'Petesar'.


At 12:17 am, Anonymous N K Space said...

da vinchi is a womans book for daft biddies who also read hororscopes and buy creams for their cellulite.

I feel sorry for the guys who have to be dragged along to watch this when they would rather be at home with a bag of salt&vinegar and an old copy of Hustler.


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