Friday, June 09, 2006

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blogger still having troubles, being slow with errors, not even the email works now. i have been advised to ignore comic strip blogger and not say anything, so i'll stay quiet unless he picks on me again. CSB should think of his life like his wedding tackle, too short to worry about. i still dont get why he thinks everyone is racist, but there you go. as i;ve said i dont want to upset anyone on adams comments board.

i was on BBC radio one on wednesday, they asked me to review podcasts and blogs for them so I am recording them something that has to last a minute every week. it is very hard to get in everything within the space of a minute but i think i have done it. if you go to the part i recorded was after 10 minutes. there are so many podcasts to choose from so i will try review some different ones each week. icant belive that i've just been recording my thougts on a mobile phone and now i have been asked to fill a slot on radio one. i have just done some maths and i am providing the bbc with 1/86400th of the content for a national radio station. chris moyles provides 10800/86400 of the content for the bbc and does a podcast. he gets paid £600,000 per year, so by that calculation i should get £5.56 per year. i am not too worried about it as it is just good to talk about inidependand podcasts to newcomers. it does not seem worth persueing the £5.56 especially as i hvent settled my TV licence yet. maybe if i did a 20 minute slot for them we could call it quits.


At 4:06 pm, Anonymous Kevin said...

Congrats Mr. Smalls! You're crackin' humour really came through in your spot. Great to hear you on BBC Radio. I'll look forward to your next segment!

At 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger you make me laugh !

At 8:33 pm, Anonymous Ande said...

If you want to review my world cup podcast, feel free to do that its

At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still using the old phone I hear.

It is about 13 minutes into the show, actually. Open this in real player to skip to it a bit more easilly.

At 1:33 am, Anonymous The Deleted Turnip said...

Don't worry about Jacek. He's merely jealous that you're making it into the mainstream UK radio scene. He sees other people's success as his rejection.

You're pretty damn good and deserve success. Keep it up

At 7:59 am, Blogger marshal sandler said...

Comic strip blooger is an insult to the blog community ! When he made an antisemetic comment! I felt and still do that adam curry was to easy with him ! The angry idiot needs to find a grilfriend and get a life !

At 9:18 pm, Anonymous anji bee said...

super to hear you on bbc radio, roger. i am sooo happy for you! you sounded really happy in your report, which was good to hear.

keep up the good work!

At 1:53 am, Anonymous Jonathan! from CALLING LONG DISTANCE - Podcast show said...

Hey Roger!

Please take a quick listen to our podcast.

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I'm Jonathan in London and my co-host is Gabe in San Francisco, we do a show every week that comes from both places.

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Jonathan ( & Gabe!)


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