Thursday, June 08, 2006

he can give it but he cant take it

comic strip blogger now wants to sue me for being racist and call the police. i find this very confusing

"be careful about what you write because racial-based hate speech is forbidden in UK and your writtings with lies attack not just me personally but also my nationality what can be considred as something that applies in the new laws designed to combat racial hatred speech. In other words: you broke the UK law, Roger."

i fail what i have written being against poland. i love poland and the loose rules aobut pornography they have. if anything i am upset with this miserable dive of a country that I'm stuck in. i dont hate poland. just you and your creepy kebab shop owners voice. you are nasty to poeple who i love. i have far too many other legal worries to be concerned with right now, this time prison wont frighten me. if you want to sue me for any money then good luck as i have none. ironically the most expensive thing you could take would be my new nokia. i have googled you and noticed that you say the nastiest things about people, when they defend themselves (like my post yesterday) you claim they are rasist and threaten to sue them. but i dont have anything in life for you to take, i am already over 9 thousand pounds in debt. so if you want a proper mobile phone that badly just go out and buy one rather that carry on acting like a knob.

"I will not report your to police and not sue you Roger - out of respect for Adam Curry"

i would love to be a fly on the wall with that conversation:

CSB - Hello police? I would like to report a crime

999 - Whats the emergency?

CSB - Someone said that I like buggering goats on a blog

999 - Holy crap. Where are you sir for such a henus crime to occur? We'll call out the swat team right away as this is a matter of national security.

CSB - thanks. i couldn't sleep at night knowing that people out there actaully have me down as a goat-fiddler.

999 - Yes, i'm so glad you reported this major catasphory to the police, i bet that you must be concerned that Adam Curry has lost respect for you though.

CSB - absolutly. Now I'm off to rim a ewe.


At 1:47 am, Blogger Elaine said...

Pity the goat.

At 1:07 pm, Blogger dkgemini said...

Roger, you're hillarious! Your posts brighten up my days no end. It's a shame CSB is not in this country - we'd have to set up an televised word fight between you two. You'd wipe the floor with him any day! Keep up the good work.

At 3:35 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Right behind you Roger, I stopped listening to Curry mainly because I couldn't stand csb.

(..and his show is pretty old hat now..)

At 12:07 am, Anonymous Grant said...

That imagined conversation is the best laugh I've had all day (apart from your review of my show and the comments about Scots which had me in hysterics). Thanks Roger !

At 12:43 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as csb would not know roger, in our country we say 'there's two fs in off'

At 12:51 am, Anonymous rogerGroupieobviously said...

I rather think the things Mr Blogger, sorry, Mr Rutkowski said about Finland could get him into some very serious trouble with the authorities. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent him off to Guantanamo Bay.

Jacek does so want to live in "America", I'm sure he'll like it even there! Also, a short strectch on the "island" would do him a world of good.

Large supply of goats too...

At 1:20 am, Anonymous The Deleted Turnip said...

You're a genius. If the Jacket of Doom does come after you, then I'm sure many of us would be only too glad to contribute to a fund for your case.

Anyway, there is a cached response to his Finland essaye (quoting much of it) on Google here ->


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