Tuesday, June 06, 2006

comic strip blogger - in my defence

that fruit cake comic strip blogger has been saying more nasty things about me. i dont like going on other peoples comments boards and getting into arguments, especially adams as it is not nice to air your dirty laundry in public. not that laundry should be aired in public, i always find it best to clean the garments first before hanging them up to dry. here is my chance to answer some of the criticalism of this horrid man:

have you seen this :
http://rogersmalls.blogspot.com/2006/06/podcast-nokia.html ? the company
that considers me to be their worldwide enemy number 2 (number one is
Micrsosoft) will send mobile podcasting software and a phone to Roger Smalls
so that he will be sending info about it and bringing publicity to nokia -
through backdoors -through Adam Curry’s podcast!

its not just nokia who conciders you worldwide enemy number 2, and you make it much higher in the charts than number 2. my comments for adam relate to personal comments about the show, dreams, fantisys, liasons etc (he only plays some of them) - i have no time to discuss telephones with adam.

Those cheeky bastards from nokia, haha!

Giving away a free mobile phone, whatever next? What would have been cheeky is to ask me to pay for it.

— it’s not first time when they try to send their phones for free to bloggers to get positive publicity with bribery!!!

dont you get sent loads of free phones from microsoft that are too big for adam to finger? i don't understand you get sent lots, but when i get a free one to test the podcasting software this is wrong?

Maybe instead of publishing unfair libel and attacks,

you mean call me ugly? insult adam and patricia? try to get Madge Weinstein to loose her job? and i'm not the one buggering goats.

Roger Smalls will do something more creative now and will start blogging about mobile phones?

creative = blog about microsoft + eastern european law + make everyone reluctent to join in on discussion boards + phone up russel beatie in the middle of the night panting? no thanks.

Well, be careful Adam Curry however not to be come FREE FREE FREE advertising medium for nokia corporation - through Roger Smalls’ comments.

did you learn english from cereal packets?

If they want advertising, then charge them $$$ !!!!

the correct currency in the UK is £££. you should know that as you keep getting so excited about living here.

PS. most (99.9%) of images on Roger Smalls’ blog were/are stolen from Internet so maybe once he will get this free phone from nokia he will start doing his own images at last too.

it beats 99.9% of my clothes being stolen from oxfam. i only link to other peoples pictures as i like to 'mash up' data, very web 2.0. also i cant be bothered to take pictures.

message to Roger Smalls: stop attacking me - I removed that commic strip that was ofending you although it was “Roger Squals” and you were not mentioned by name. So stop attacking me please roger!

you drew a nasty picture implying it was me and called me ugly, i think it was aimed at me. the last time i saw your likeness was when i saw someone had smeered warm crap over a public toilet door.

great chit-chat about UK ! please keep talking about UK in each podcast at least a little bit!

Stop being so obsessed with the uk you boring turd. its crap here and everyone knows it. if you think that by masterbating every time eastenders gets televised makes you a born and bred cockney wideboy then you are wrong. if the immigration laws dont stop you packing your grubby little carrier bags full of clothes and turning up on this countrys doorstep then the quarenteen laws certainly will.

Suggestion to Roger Smalls: write some Polish Jokes on your blog, to attack my Polishness! Don’t be just grumpy, be good-joke-funny!

good polish joke - you

please leave me alone comic strip blogger and my favorite podcasters, you make the internet a very umpleasent place and probably those 50feet downwind of you too. i dont leave comments on curry.com as you seem to be so hurtful to everyone on there, i am sure i am not alone. you need to get laid even more than i do.


At 6:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

csb is a jif, don't worry about - nothing wrong with being sent a phone.

don't let him get to you roger.

At 12:49 pm, Blogger Elaine said...

Roger, I adore your sense of humor and your writing style. CSB is a bore. I'm American, I KNOW bores when I hear them. ;) I suspect Adam encourages this flotsam on his site and cast is because everyone likes to stare at a gory car accident. Listening to CSB's moronic discourse is exactly like staring at gore. You just can't believe it can really get worse but it always does. There is no such thing as bad publicity and Adam is just playing on that. Send him more of those hilarious comments of yours and ignore the poop on your shoes.
BTW, do you know if the phone you are using is available in the US? I haven't seen it advertised.

At 12:08 am, Blogger Grant - Three From Leith said...

You tell him, Roger.

The only Polish person I know who's decent is Mr Sheen. He gets umpteen things clean.

Perhaps CSB needs to spray some in his big, dirty mouth.

Just ignore him from now on. He hates it when he gets starved of attention. He's jealous that he didn't get a lovely, shiny new Nokia ;-)

At 1:38 am, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

annoyomous - i agree but do not know what a jif is.

elane, i will email nokia and ask them. they are nice.

grant - you are right. and listen to radio one later as i mentioned you on there!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they play it!!!


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