Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another radio one show up

I did a recording this week for radio one here ---

this week i mentioned which is a poetry podcast from simon. i often find myself walking aaround composing poems, words and phrases and these go to waste. i must find the time to write these down these thoughts and compile them into poetry to send to simon. morris suggests that he sees some of these words too as it helps his diagnoses of things which trouble me. its the last in the series of raido one 'oneclick' shows they have done. the nice lady at the bbc sent me a wonderful email saying how much she liked me sending in my comments, but they have finished the series now. i hope it wasnt because i admitted that i didnt pay my licence fee.


i have not really been online this week much, even to answer my emails as it has been so hot upstairs here in the loft i havent much fancied coming up to get baking hot.itis great having my new phone as it means i dont have to switch on my pc at all to download podcasts, i can just find someone with a wi-fi and they are on my phone 5 minutes later. there is a football match on this afternoon, i think i will go shopping as its nice and quiet during this time.


At 3:59 pm, Blogger Kevin said...

So sorry your gig with the BBC has ended. I hope the exposure leads you to more chances to express your creativity and find fullfillment.

a fan of your humour,

At 10:17 pm, Anonymous Patrick said...

Perhaps a centrespread in a magazine would be a fulfilling experience avoiding the staples?

Make change and you can supply your own insulation tape.


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