Sunday, June 25, 2006

mammorys or prostrate?

i noticed a cretin driving past today with an england football flag wrapped round his pole a couple of times. i couldn't have thought of better label than 'GLAND' for a moronic football supporter in a red vaxhaull cavalier to have flapping over his head.

Golden Balls


At 5:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shurely thatz wot any true engerland supporter does, I kno I do.

Wot do you rap round ur pole Roger, your social workers lips??

get in the spirit of the world cup, cum on engerland.

At 5:12 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...

how did you post a message on the blog using a text message?

At 2:40 am, Blogger The good people of Biffin Bridge said...

wot team do U suport o R U stil watchN big bro. I tink South Korea R a gr8 team itz a pity dey didn’t qualify. Isn’t dat gr8 wen U wrte a load of schet U git mo responses. nIs

At 4:06 pm, Blogger Roger Smalls said...


At 10:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must have been gutted then obviously when the apology came through to Ashley Cole.


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