Monday, July 10, 2006

podshow plus

i have been reading on the internet that people who call adam curry a theif which angers me as i know he is perfect and would never harm a fly. i am looking at the pictures on my desk of him and he has the kind of face which wouldnt be used as a tool of evil, of that i can be sure of. if the new podshow site would link to my site then i would be honoured even if they remove my shownotes which are often nothing more than random wild thoughts and dreams than anything important.

i am confused though if someone links to an mp3 without all the text that goes with it are they a thief? i am concerned as sometimes i might post into message boards a recomendation for a podcast along with a link to the mp3. would i need to cut and paste all the shownotes in too so as not to get into trouble? i thought it would be nice for the podcaster to get another listener and people to recommend them but if i get into hot water for doing so then i should not do so. can i sue people for linking to me? please explain!!!!!!!! i am so confused.


At 5:38 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

If anyone manages to explain this to you, let me know Roger.

The whole Podshow+ thing is as clear as mud and rather frightening :-(

Your non-busking, sober Scottish podcast pal,


At 10:30 pm, Anonymous Biffa B said...

same here, all this talk of exemel, podshows and doubel life means as much to me as the numbers on the british rail trains

Lets stick to your two tissue stories of your failed attempts to get into the pants of guildford girls.

I can reckon that

At 10:12 pm, Anonymous anji bee said...

roger, you should go ahead an sign up for podshow+ as a podcaster so you can upload your shows directly and be in charge of your shownotes etc etc.

if you need help, i can probably walk you through it via skype. email me, ok?

btw, i played one of your comments on my special sirius show and twice on the chillcast!


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