Thursday, July 27, 2006


i believe i may be getting ripped off. My nearest river is about 3 miles away. i live in a country that pisses it down with rain for 9 months of the year, my kitchen spent 2 weeks flooded over chritsmas and i#'ve just got a bill from Thames Water for £47 per month. in etheopia they live in the middle of the dessert with the nearest river some 2000 miles away, it never rains, yet according to the advert it only costs £1 per month direct debit to provide water for their entire village. i think Thames water should find out where etheopia are buying all their pipes from so cheeply so we can enjoy the same savings over here. it makes me angery when i see other countrys who can buy things a lot cheaper than where i live . most of them are all richer than they let on and whenever i see so called 'starving africans' on tv seem to be able to afford haircuts and watch billy connely perform commedy in their huts. its probably because they only pay £1 a month for water unlike me. i cant remember the last time i had a haircut and billy connelly charged over £100 on his last tour. he needs a haircut, i wonder if the two things are connected?


At 11:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dodgy ground there, Roger, and you know it.

The "£1-a-day" only in Third World countries relates to getting the necessary plumbing gubbins in place. It doesn't guarantee the water!

But, yes, it's too damned expensive to live here for the money any company is paying these days and water companies (plus fan sellers, air-con manufacturers and ice cream salesmen) are simply lapping up the hot summer like pigs in a trough.

Profit! Profit! Profit! It makes us all sick.

All I can suggest is to get used to enjoy sweating or stick in the shade and collect as much rain in a bucket (or water-butt) as you can.

At 1:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a tit. You were funny for a while but I don't even believe you're real.


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