Sunday, August 06, 2006

modern art

i have been taking advanage of the cooler wether here and have been decorating the living room for the last couple of weeks. there is so much to do and every time i do one job i end up find ing that more things need fixing like plaster, fire damage and dry rot. so expensive to buy treatments for these. apart from sex i am not very good at DIY which is why these things aer taking me so long and feel like i have weeks to go yet.i tested the paint a couple of days ago by drawing a large illustration of adam on the wall but it has dried incorrectly. he shows through no matter how many layers i use and now i have run out of living room wall looks like the turin shroud and passers by have been stopping to look at the picture through the window.i do not like my privacy being invaded but must wait a day for the dulux to dry before the i can hang the curtains up the meantime everyone can see him laying on top of the sofa with his legs open whilst i do my wordsearch. mother has placed a candle infront of the mural for dignity purposes.


At 4:05 pm, Blogger bryan-in-greece said...


You could try sticking a few flying mallard duck decorations on the wall and then everyone looking in would think that one of them had had a case of the Montezuma's and crapped, and the picture was really just dried duck shit looking like Adam Curry. Or the other way round.


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