Wednesday, August 30, 2006

head in a book all week

i am fed up with exams. i have been working all day, had no dinner and spent all evening revising.i think my life is boring and wish that all this studying would be over. i hope that if i pass then i will be able get a better job in the department-0-if not then i think i will be in debt forevever as i pay more interest than i pay off my loan. why do the banks do this? i hate not having any money. sometimes all i want to do is buy mum a bunch of flowers to suprise her or buy a round at the pub.i must already save for crhsistmas - everything is so expensive and living in guildford is much more expensive than most places around. i canot think of anyhting good to say as my head is fried nad i am frustrated by time and no money. i would trade everything right now to have either one. at least i am giving up my time with the hope that i will get a respectible job with a good wage.


At 9:00 am, Blogger Kevin said...

Hang in there Roger, it's great that you're doing the hard-graft to improve yourself. If you don't give up, I'm sure it'll pay off. Just think of all the totty, all the admiration and the posh lunches with Adam...

All this within reach, just climb that social/financial/class ladder!

(seriously) keep on going for it,

a fan of your great humour


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