Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guy falkes out £30

I was trying to revise last night and there was a load of banging and couldn't concerntrate. It is November the fifth today and I will not be celebrating fireworks night this year as it is too expensive to go to a pubic display and buying your own fireworks from newsagents costs at least £30 per packet.

History tells us that we must celebrate novemebr the fifth because a terrorist called guy falwkes tried to blow up the houses of parliament and failed. Personally I am a little upset that he failed to blow up those corrupt overpaid murdering polititons. I am sure guy falwkes was very upset when he wasn't allowed to light his fireworks, at £30 a pop he must have needed to buy thousand of pounds worth to blow up that waste of taxpayers expensive which is nothing more than a giant clock.

I find it strange that we do not celebrate more recent failed terrorist attempts in the uk.Perhaps 'toothpaste night' and 'mineral water evening' where the engliish population celebrates the stirling work of our police force foiling the plot for bringing down airplanes with domestic toiletries. although everyone i speak to about this affair who uses airports does not want to be reminded, let alone celebrate.

evil rocket plots


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thanks for the posting Roger, looking forward to a podcast from you one day, maybe to celebrate your exam results?

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