Sunday, October 08, 2006

a poor turnout

it was my birthday last week and i was expectinv to go out with a handful of coleges at work over the weekend except that every one was too busy. i know i should not feel sorry for myself but i feel sorry for myself. i am now over a quarter of a century old, i still live with my mum, i have never had a proper girlfriend and have not got a career, just a horrible job that nobody wants. i got some vouchers for a shop that we dont have in guildford, the cost of transport to the nearest branch costs more than the vouchers does. i dd get a nice snowglobe from mother and my uncle sent me a tennis video with the woman from spiderman in. in spiderman and wimbleden kirstin dugnst falls in love with an unobtainable man called peter but in the end gets him. i have looked on the internet and she is already about to star in another film where she falls in love with a man called peter. she should be careful not to get typecast. this is a low time for me in my life nd my exams loom in my future like black clouds.


At 8:39 am, Blogger simontoon said...

"Falls in love with a guy called Peter" - priceless!
a photo of Kirsten

At 9:38 am, Blogger Kevin said...

Roger, sorry your birthday was a downer. I guess online friends and fans just aren't the same a face-to-face folks to share a drink "down the pub".


At 2:58 pm, Blogger bryan-in-greece said...

Buck up, Roger, that's no way to celebrate being over 25... :-/


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