Monday, October 09, 2006

mini chedders for sale

i hate it when i get the number of the confectionary and the price mixed up in the vending machine. i have just brought a pack of number 40 bacon mini chedders rather than opal fruits number 36 which cost 40p. if anyone in the guildford area likes bacon mini chedders and would like to buy them off me please email me to arrange a pork liason. if anyone in teh vending machine buinsess reads this then please make your machines easier to use like maybe some form of shopping cart / wishlist facility? i could then request the chocolate bars i desire then if anyone with loose change is feeling generous or any fat people want to extinguish their guilt they could type in 'roger smalls' into the keypad, insert £1 and put a yorkie bar on hold for me and feel good about themselves. or a twix.

vending machine addicts / portable media expo pool party


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