Sunday, December 21, 2008

i feel like crying because i want a girlfriend so badly

My worst fear isn't that i will die a lonely man, but that i will live as one too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

christmas wishes

if santa reads blogs please can i have some deoderant as i dont think i can last another week without. and also someone to love.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

i am no nerd

i havent used my computer properly for months until i started blogging a couple of weeks ago and now i am already turning geeky. earlier today i made a mistake when putting some holes in a cubical wall and for a split second i expected an undo button to be on the drill. although i think current technology will not allow this feature i hope that black&decker will find out a way in time for next christmas.

i am worried this may get worse as i opened a twitter account last week to see what is so great about telling the world someone is taking a dump ,although i would not concider myself a true nerd yet as i cannot think of a valid excuse to use it when i'm supposed to be working. i simply want to find girls who are up for it in less than 160 charecters and somehow send free text messages to mates.

technology is mearly mans way of justifying his existance when the clock on his parents video recorder needs changing, anything more complicated is just showing off.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

daily mail hippocrites

in the factory today all i heard from the lads was that 'moylese speaks for the boys' and it was funny what he said about the polish. once again chris moyles gets racist on air again,this time he has stated that all polish people make good prostitutes. this is both an insult to the polish and to prostitutes,both hard working honest decent groups of people who keep this country running and do the jobs that noone else wants to do.

but instead of organising the usual witchhunt, salary outrage and sacking the daily mail let chris moyles off, presumably becase he's on the same side as the mail by being an anti-polish bully with a big audience of morons.

it is upsetting that the hipocrits can drum up over 40 thousand people to sack someone for telling the truth about having intercourse with someones granddaughter, yet a man with a history of sexist racist and anti gay broadcasting is let off scott free again becuase he stirs up indentical hate speech as the only newspaper who would do anything about it.


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