Wednesday, June 28, 2006

all this talk of net neutrality

when are telephone companys going to realise that consumers are sick of paying through the nose for access to naked lady sites AND paying for the long telephone calls asociated with downloading large movies with my modem?

i'm paying both the prostitute and the pimp whilst being screwed - all at the same time.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

mammorys or prostrate?

i noticed a cretin driving past today with an england football flag wrapped round his pole a couple of times. i couldn't have thought of better label than 'GLAND' for a moronic football supporter in a red vaxhaull cavalier to have flapping over his head.

Golden Balls

Friday, June 23, 2006

BBC links

If you are reading this from the bbc site and found they didnt link to the sites i mentioned then here are all the links to the podcasts so far.

a couple of weeks ago i recommended some scottish shows, these are - mark is nice
and - also nice
they play nice music

this week i talked about the qpodder community
first is madge weinstein - - fat lesbian - not nude
then is ragan fox - - intimedatingly clever
wanda wisdom - - eats

you can find more gay and lesbain podcasts by going to
if you email me at i will forward you links to some free lesbian movies but you must send me some links too .

Thursday, June 22, 2006

bad experience at the gym

i was swimming and followed a lovely plump girl into the sauna this evening. i tried several attempts to strike up a conversation with her, but she only gave yes/no answers and made little effort to respond. i was upset as i thought fat people were supposed to be jolly, if not more desperate than most. i thought she could have been in one of those ladymoods or just not in the right frames of mind to speak.....

but.... she got straight out and sat in the jakussi with a complete stranger (male) and started chatting and laughing with him. this annoyed me because she could not be friendly to me, yet when billy big brussells is on the scene she talks to him. i followed in few minutes after, there was deadly silence and some laughter so i left. later i saw him in the changing room phoning his wife/girlfrined. it is just not fair.

i am not sure who i am most angry with - her in her ill fitting swimming suit and cumbersome walk for being arrogant. him, with his fancy gold jewerly,matching testicals and unscarred body for being good looking. or me for not being confident enough. i am sick to death of looking like this. the sooner i pay off the debt i will be getting surgery. strange how people who listen to me want to meet me, yet people who meet me would rather be talking to handsom popular men. i left the gym angry, yet content, safe in the knowledge that for several minutes they wallowed in a hot tub which i had just urinated in.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gordon Ramsey just gutted a pig on TV

I wept.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

just an update

just been reading my emails, havent done that properly in ages. still seem to get a barrage of reminders from paypal, ebay and barclays bank, none of which i use their services but they still keep sending me things. these companies should all think about rebranding their names to stay one step ahead of the spammers perhaps. when i read the current brands they make me angry, i think these companys would be wise to change their names and maybe they would make some more money.

i keep faling asleep the minute i finish my dinner in the evenings. it annoys me as i cant stay awake to do anyhting in the evenings. i keep meaning to write my blog and record podcasts but cant do it as i'm so tired from my day job. i asked adam on todays daily source code if he knew a way to rectify this, there must be medical people who listen. i think what podcasting needs is a doctor who poeple can send in audio comments annoymously for curing purposes.

woken up to the football. england were playing sweeden who share the same logo as st ivel gold. we didnt win. ther should be another radio 1 clip tommorow night and i hope to tell people new to podcasting about some of the non commercial and more established podcasts which are available. if anyone is reading this blog after visitng the bbc site i will link to the blogs i have mentioned as the bbc dont put many details in their show notes other than lots of disclaimers.

got an email from comic strip blogger and i'm taking down everything offensive to the polish. i'd alwso like to apologise to him adn clarify that he doesnt fiddle with goats, nor anything else i've said about him with the chocolate bars and ringpeices. so sorry CSB!

i also wanted to recommend listening and watching madge weinsteins latest trip to europe on - its really informative to learn about foreign cultures and i have learnt more listening to madge than I have in geography lessons at school. i'm relaly lonely tonight and feel like i havent done anything productive again, just sleep. my life is ending one minute at a time,.

Monday, June 12, 2006

blog back up

had to take the blog down as i've been threatend with police action, but have been told that i should be ok. not sure what to say on my blog from now on as i want to say what i want but if i get reported to the policeall the time then its not worth saying anything. is this what the internet is all about??? too hot to worry about it.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

i was bored at work today

"I am hereby informing you that I am reporting you to police in Guildford for spreading racial hatred towards Polish people + I will not restrict myself in drawing comic strips in future. Enough is enough - I was nice, I apologized in audio comment, I removed the drawing but you Roger Smalls are just piece of shit that also doesn’t care about damaging other people. I understand humor but you Roger Smalls are yet another parasite who at cost of attacking other people and PRETENDING to be victim just wants to benefit without respect for other people. Enough is enough. You may be 9000 in debt - so better - you will have no money to bail you out of jail for spreading racial hatred. "

Comic strip blogger - can you record the conversation and send it to me? The telephone number in england is 999.

Friday, June 09, 2006

bbc news

blogger still having troubles, being slow with errors, not even the email works now. i have been advised to ignore comic strip blogger and not say anything, so i'll stay quiet unless he picks on me again. CSB should think of his life like his wedding tackle, too short to worry about. i still dont get why he thinks everyone is racist, but there you go. as i;ve said i dont want to upset anyone on adams comments board.

i was on BBC radio one on wednesday, they asked me to review podcasts and blogs for them so I am recording them something that has to last a minute every week. it is very hard to get in everything within the space of a minute but i think i have done it. if you go to the part i recorded was after 10 minutes. there are so many podcasts to choose from so i will try review some different ones each week. icant belive that i've just been recording my thougts on a mobile phone and now i have been asked to fill a slot on radio one. i have just done some maths and i am providing the bbc with 1/86400th of the content for a national radio station. chris moyles provides 10800/86400 of the content for the bbc and does a podcast. he gets paid £600,000 per year, so by that calculation i should get £5.56 per year. i am not too worried about it as it is just good to talk about inidependand podcasts to newcomers. it does not seem worth persueing the £5.56 especially as i hvent settled my TV licence yet. maybe if i did a 20 minute slot for them we could call it quits.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

blogger is broken again

blogger wont let me log in. i can still publish using email though. iwill speak to orange tommorow and ask them to set me up with an email account on my new phone, then I can type in my thoughts whilst out and about.
Express yourself instantly with MSN Messenger! Download today it's FREE!

he can give it but he cant take it

comic strip blogger now wants to sue me for being racist and call the police. i find this very confusing

"be careful about what you write because racial-based hate speech is forbidden in UK and your writtings with lies attack not just me personally but also my nationality what can be considred as something that applies in the new laws designed to combat racial hatred speech. In other words: you broke the UK law, Roger."

i fail what i have written being against poland. i love poland and the loose rules aobut pornography they have. if anything i am upset with this miserable dive of a country that I'm stuck in. i dont hate poland. just you and your creepy kebab shop owners voice. you are nasty to poeple who i love. i have far too many other legal worries to be concerned with right now, this time prison wont frighten me. if you want to sue me for any money then good luck as i have none. ironically the most expensive thing you could take would be my new nokia. i have googled you and noticed that you say the nastiest things about people, when they defend themselves (like my post yesterday) you claim they are rasist and threaten to sue them. but i dont have anything in life for you to take, i am already over 9 thousand pounds in debt. so if you want a proper mobile phone that badly just go out and buy one rather that carry on acting like a knob.

"I will not report your to police and not sue you Roger - out of respect for Adam Curry"

i would love to be a fly on the wall with that conversation:

CSB - Hello police? I would like to report a crime

999 - Whats the emergency?

CSB - Someone said that I like buggering goats on a blog

999 - Holy crap. Where are you sir for such a henus crime to occur? We'll call out the swat team right away as this is a matter of national security.

CSB - thanks. i couldn't sleep at night knowing that people out there actaully have me down as a goat-fiddler.

999 - Yes, i'm so glad you reported this major catasphory to the police, i bet that you must be concerned that Adam Curry has lost respect for you though.

CSB - absolutly. Now I'm off to rim a ewe.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

comic strip blogger - in my defence

that fruit cake comic strip blogger has been saying more nasty things about me. i dont like going on other peoples comments boards and getting into arguments, especially adams as it is not nice to air your dirty laundry in public. not that laundry should be aired in public, i always find it best to clean the garments first before hanging them up to dry. here is my chance to answer some of the criticalism of this horrid man:

have you seen this : ? the company
that considers me to be their worldwide enemy number 2 (number one is
Micrsosoft) will send mobile podcasting software and a phone to Roger Smalls
so that he will be sending info about it and bringing publicity to nokia -
through backdoors -through Adam Curry’s podcast!

its not just nokia who conciders you worldwide enemy number 2, and you make it much higher in the charts than number 2. my comments for adam relate to personal comments about the show, dreams, fantisys, liasons etc (he only plays some of them) - i have no time to discuss telephones with adam.

Those cheeky bastards from nokia, haha!

Giving away a free mobile phone, whatever next? What would have been cheeky is to ask me to pay for it.

— it’s not first time when they try to send their phones for free to bloggers to get positive publicity with bribery!!!

dont you get sent loads of free phones from microsoft that are too big for adam to finger? i don't understand you get sent lots, but when i get a free one to test the podcasting software this is wrong?

Maybe instead of publishing unfair libel and attacks,

you mean call me ugly? insult adam and patricia? try to get Madge Weinstein to loose her job? and i'm not the one buggering goats.

Roger Smalls will do something more creative now and will start blogging about mobile phones?

creative = blog about microsoft + eastern european law + make everyone reluctent to join in on discussion boards + phone up russel beatie in the middle of the night panting? no thanks.

Well, be careful Adam Curry however not to be come FREE FREE FREE advertising medium for nokia corporation - through Roger Smalls’ comments.

did you learn english from cereal packets?

If they want advertising, then charge them $$$ !!!!

the correct currency in the UK is £££. you should know that as you keep getting so excited about living here.

PS. most (99.9%) of images on Roger Smalls’ blog were/are stolen from Internet so maybe once he will get this free phone from nokia he will start doing his own images at last too.

it beats 99.9% of my clothes being stolen from oxfam. i only link to other peoples pictures as i like to 'mash up' data, very web 2.0. also i cant be bothered to take pictures.

message to Roger Smalls: stop attacking me - I removed that commic strip that was ofending you although it was “Roger Squals” and you were not mentioned by name. So stop attacking me please roger!

you drew a nasty picture implying it was me and called me ugly, i think it was aimed at me. the last time i saw your likeness was when i saw someone had smeered warm crap over a public toilet door.

great chit-chat about UK ! please keep talking about UK in each podcast at least a little bit!

Stop being so obsessed with the uk you boring turd. its crap here and everyone knows it. if you think that by masterbating every time eastenders gets televised makes you a born and bred cockney wideboy then you are wrong. if the immigration laws dont stop you packing your grubby little carrier bags full of clothes and turning up on this countrys doorstep then the quarenteen laws certainly will.

Suggestion to Roger Smalls: write some Polish Jokes on your blog, to attack my Polishness! Don’t be just grumpy, be good-joke-funny!

good polish joke - you

please leave me alone comic strip blogger and my favorite podcasters, you make the internet a very umpleasent place and probably those 50feet downwind of you too. i dont leave comments on as you seem to be so hurtful to everyone on there, i am sure i am not alone. you need to get laid even more than i do.

Monday, June 05, 2006

usb and bbc

have copied some music over to my phone at work using the usb cable, since saturday i have been listening to the free music library and music videos that came with it. i spoke to darren in IT today and he said I need to buy a special 'hub' for this computer if i want to use my mouse and conect my phone at the same time. Right now I dont have any spare usb ports and this angers me, so if there is anyone who makes computers with lots of usb sockets then please send me one

i am now trying to find somewhere with proper wifi other than work and none of my nieghbours have it. i have subscribed to adam and madge and its taken probably 3 minutes to download the 2 latest shows which usually takes around an hour on my modem!!! i think this is the future where your phone downloads podcasts without running itunes. they have built in podcast alley with all the traditional podcasts rather than itunes with all the commercial podcasts which is great. i've seen OPML in one of the menus which adam used to talk about and you can preview podcasts without needing to download everything. i have tried one other new music one that has some nice gentle music and listened to that on the way home. took some photos with it on saturday night and they came out well. i havent stopped playing with it since i got it and must stop obsessing.

i have some good other news, the bbc asked me to review podcasts and blogs for a show every week. i sent an example in, wasnt sure if they would play them and today the lady from radio one said they are going to. i got an email the other day but didnt want to get my expectations and hopes up. i feel this is a good oportunity to explain to people new to the scene that there is more to podcasting than what is on the itunes homepage such as movie companys promoting their films. i must wash.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nokia N91

got the new phone today!!!! it is an Nokia N91. work reception signed for it and i got it just after lunch today. its come in a nice box with lots of extra bits with it that i must read. i had to charge it first and it was ten times as fast to charge as my old phone. i didnt know it has a built in hard disc and i have never had an mp3 player before so this should save me needing to burn all my podcasts onto CD to listen to them on the way to work. very exiting. i am planning to use the podcasting software to download all my shows on this as will save me having to turn on my PC. i do not have any wifi at home although i think we have it somewhere at work and this should mean i can downloadd podcasts straight onto my phone . it also has a video camera so i think i can start recording some video blogs like madge. i went to the toilet at work today around 20 times to play with it and everyone is interested in it!!! i am going to take it out tonight and must go.

Friday, June 02, 2006

not here yet

today has gone really slowly. i am still waiting for the new phone to arrive. everytime the phone on my desk rings i keep thinking it is reception but it is just some annoying nurse wanting someones urgent results, not exactly life or death but the way they carry on you would think so.. i have emailed nokia to let them know and they siad the courier is likely to drop it at work tommroow. i wont be able to sleep again.

Podcast - Nokia

i felt i was loosing the will to live this week, but today i received an email from a man from nokia who read my blog post question about new mobile phones and has asked if i would like to test some new mobile podcasting software they are developing with a free nokia mobile phone. wow!!!!!!!!!! i have recorded a small podcast which explains everything - i am very excited because the phone may well come tommorow and now i cant sleep! i have just been looking up the detaills of it on the web and it looks great. i am really very happy. i have never had anything good happen to me like this before and this is great. i will try and make a list of other items I am able to test.