Monday, September 25, 2006

bad piles

had the weekend to revise.was looking forward to getting into work to do mundane things but have a stack of administraton that has been piling up.havegot very fed up and desided top go on the internet intested.i need to finish these exams and just go out drinking all the head hurts so much from these constant headaches and i just want it all to be over.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I have fixed itunes 7 for apple

i downloaded the itunes upgrade so i can download some video casts klike (i use my nokia n91 to download the podcasts). it makes everything run really slow and was updating only a handful of subscriptions even though going on the podcasters web site they have done more recent shows. it infuriated me that every time i clicked on the regfresh button no new shows got updated.

but when click the rss icon and refresh the feedbruner page into internet explorer itunes detects all the latest podsasts and videocasts for that feed. it is a bit annoyuing to go through all the shows and manually do it. i am not sure why peple say apple make such good products and complain about internet explorer when a microsoft product has fixed an apple product. i feel like we have gone backwards in podcasting, it used to be so easy and automatic but now apple want to make it hard again. when do i get a big wad of money from steve jobs for fixing his problems?

an ungrateful man with a birthday cake

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Misquoted in a magazine

It has come to my attention that I may have given the wrong impression to readers of podcast user magazine issue 8 pages 24-25.i have been contacted 3 times about this statement asking what i meant.

The answer I gave about relaxing in the bath with the snake wasn't anything to do with sharing my bath with an actual snake or any sort of boast about the length of my manhood. When I have a bath I will usually relax listening to a Whitesnake CD while lighting a few candles. I would like to clarify to the readers of this magazine for the record that I do not own any form of bendy reptile nor to I have a long penis, especially in cold water.




Thursday, September 07, 2006


if jonathan ross is so in love with japan why doesnt he stay over there for good? instead he makes stupid tv shows about the place and comes back here. he would feel right at home in japan as all the public servents there earn 6 figure sums.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

stealing gay peoples words

i recall having a conversation with madge recently about the term 'pump and dump', something which she explained was the homosexual equivelant of the straight practice - 'splash and dash' but with turds instead. well i read this article on the BBC news web site today:

it seems like the straight community have once again stolen phrases from the gay community, not only does the word gay now means 'rubbish' accourding to chris moyles but the homosexual practice 'pump and dump' now means to spam people - again a very negative image. garry glitter used to mean shitter - or bunghole if you will, now it is a term associated with peodofilia thanks to continued coverage on the bbc. how much longer must the bbc continue to steal gay words and apply negative conitations to them? whats next? it makes me ashamed to be a striaght english tv viewer although i did watch a nice film last night called red dragon.

today madge read out my idea for a new cooking podcast called 'Madge Weinsteins C Word' on her show and i hope that she may record a new show with receipies on.