Tuesday, February 20, 2007

my prediction on the future of the music charts

i am dismayed that uk pop music top 40 charts are now based on the number of downloads a file gets legally.this has grave implicatons.

the top 40 show will be compiled and presented by the type of people who work in my IT department with sweat, social and eating disorders rather than traditional DJS like dave lee travis and mark goodyear.

if something crap ends up at number one hackers will be able to gain access to confidencial information to 'name and shame' the poeple who put the crazy frog in our faces for weeks at a time. blackmale and public lychings would happen.

pornography would start apearing in the charts due to the high numbers of the downloads. i cant remember the last time i downloaded an mp3, yet i downloaded well over 50 mucky mpegs around 2 hours ago when the boss left his desk for lunch. surely this will dent the charts in some way? insted of cliff richard being this years christmas number one we will all be celebrating 'parishiltonnightvisionhandjob03.mpeg' being played at partys inbetween slade and mudd.

something must be done immeditaly. as an apathetic person who cant be bothered to think of any more examples i'm not about to do anything myself so it is up to you.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Who sent the other seven?


Saturday, February 10, 2007


my appearance "isnt suitable for camera"
i am "not channel 4 material"
noone would watch me in a million years
i would be "best to stay at home and watch the tv"

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Friday, February 09, 2007

desciton time

it has been a tough choise - the potental for free rent +food for 2 weeks or 5 pairs of boobs and a pig.i have made the bold step to go to london tomororw to attend the big brother auditions and declined the offer to go with the girls to the cinima. a group o us will be driving up on saturday. i do not know what to wear or what to say.the hole thing confuses me.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

podcast - soundseeing tour of the curry cottege

had to work tonight but managed to pick up the curry cottege keys from skidwhiskers and recorded a quick sound seeing tour at adam currys old hose. its taken me ages to copy the file to my pc then upload the mp3 and i am really tired. time is running out for the tour so you must act fast. email me at roger_smalls@hotmail.co.uk with the number of people in your party and i will arrange your guided tour. it was very cold walking home from work and our heating does not work. i will sleep.

you may download it here......... DSC20070208_currycottegeSOUNDSEEING.mp3

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i have a puzzle and am not sure what to do. on saturday i was planning to go to london for the big brother 2007 auditions as it would mean free rent and alcohol for a bare minimum of 2 weeks if i got in. i would aslo get the opportunity to prove that england has some normal people in it too and put straight the fiasco which ocurred last week with india and whatnot. however a group of the girls at the office want to see charlottes web in the evening, a movie about a pig and i have expressed interest at watching it. iam at a loss as to which choise to make. help!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, February 05, 2007

terrible CD

someone has put some depressing music on at work today called "middle of the road music" which co-incidentally is where it makes me feel like standing. one of the benifits of having hearing aids is that you can switch them off.

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