Thursday, July 27, 2006


i believe i may be getting ripped off. My nearest river is about 3 miles away. i live in a country that pisses it down with rain for 9 months of the year, my kitchen spent 2 weeks flooded over chritsmas and i#'ve just got a bill from Thames Water for £47 per month. in etheopia they live in the middle of the dessert with the nearest river some 2000 miles away, it never rains, yet according to the advert it only costs £1 per month direct debit to provide water for their entire village. i think Thames water should find out where etheopia are buying all their pipes from so cheeply so we can enjoy the same savings over here. it makes me angery when i see other countrys who can buy things a lot cheaper than where i live . most of them are all richer than they let on and whenever i see so called 'starving africans' on tv seem to be able to afford haircuts and watch billy connely perform commedy in their huts. its probably because they only pay £1 a month for water unlike me. i cant remember the last time i had a haircut and billy connelly charged over £100 on his last tour. he needs a haircut, i wonder if the two things are connected?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

bad night slleep

i am very angry about last night. i fail to see what is so chilled out about 'the very best in euthophoric ibiza chillout anthems' at 4 in the morning when my neext door neighbours are playing robert miles children really loud. i hardly got any sleep, it was too hot and too sticky too. i tried buying a fan yesterday without any luck, all the shops said they dont have any in stock but can order them. i would have thought it would have been a good idea to have some on the shelves especially in this weather. i woke up late for work and cannnot concentrate. i am here until 7. the tv repair shop has not called back yet so my evenings eentertainment will probably involve listening to next door shagging to some disco whale music. i am angry.poeple should be more curtios to people who live around them. nothing is going right in my life.

Friday, July 21, 2006

speeding moterists

i think a good deterent for speeding motorists who run people over is to berry the bodys in the road and make them in to speed bumps.every time they drive near the scene of the accident they would be forced to slow down and relect on what they have done otherwse they would ruin their suspension. plus more people put flowers by the side of the road than in graveyards as fast roads are much more accessible. its what they would have wanted.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

never getting a girlfriend

it is too hot and i fel like i will not ever have a girlfriend. this weather enforses them to wear those lovely tops which means i get to see just how lovely they really are. if i dont get married and have sexual relationships soon i will end up with a buildup of love between my legs which cannot be releaved.

i got very upset last week and wrote a list to the britcaster show called top of the pods about my experiences with girls which i heard on the way to work today. it felt good to hear the some good advice back about dates although they read out my advice too. i am going to try heading out at the weekend, buy a new shirt and try a different tecqnique. i must also buy some bubble bath.

i have so much to give to a girl. if anyone is outthere in guildford who is nice and wants a guenine relationship then please email me with your photo with some address details and so on.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


went to guilfest at the weekend, just copeid the photos over. not much happened and the music was too distorted as my hearing aid battery is running flat. i caught a girl coming out of a caravan peeing on the grass which made me feel uneasy but i had to photograph it twice to be sure.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

tv set broken

someone at work told me that when your tv set is switched off at night but the red light is still on then the tv is using up lots of power. last night i managed to remove the little red light bulb from the front of the tv to save that extra power as it wasnt providing much illumination anyway. now the tv refuses to switch on at all and i think i am going to have to pay to get it fixed. all these greenies and hippies with their newfangled radiacal ideas which just arnt practical in real life. they can shove their lentals up their arse. i am now missing big brother due to their stupid advice.

Monday, July 10, 2006

podshow plus

i have been reading on the internet that people who call adam curry a theif which angers me as i know he is perfect and would never harm a fly. i am looking at the pictures on my desk of him and he has the kind of face which wouldnt be used as a tool of evil, of that i can be sure of. if the new podshow site would link to my site then i would be honoured even if they remove my shownotes which are often nothing more than random wild thoughts and dreams than anything important.

i am confused though if someone links to an mp3 without all the text that goes with it are they a thief? i am concerned as sometimes i might post into message boards a recomendation for a podcast along with a link to the mp3. would i need to cut and paste all the shownotes in too so as not to get into trouble? i thought it would be nice for the podcaster to get another listener and people to recommend them but if i get into hot water for doing so then i should not do so. can i sue people for linking to me? please explain!!!!!!!! i am so confused.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

the morning after

went out with some peopel from work last night. got talking to some people in my team who i hate as thought i would give them a second chance. as i turns out i was right to hate them as they are all bastards who use me as the butt of their jokes. it really upsets me . this worked to my favor though as one of the admin staff who is fairly new stuck up for me. we ended up talking for a good 4 minutes and i gave her my phone number. then she had to get home to watch big brother. after that a few of us went to a rock nightclub where i drank too much and felt ill. i rang her but she was angry with me. i am confused by girls and dont understnad them. all this advice that people give me is stupid. i feel so lonley and depressed. all i want is to take a girl to the cinima f-have fun, feed ducks, watch the sun go down and kiss like so many others. i am wasteing the best years of my life and have so much to give emotionally but not finacially. only the internet offers me solice in its electronic bousem. i have just started my shift and have to face a lot of these people in a couple of hours who i feel are responsible for my misery. below are some pictures i have copyed over documenting the highlights of the evening - it was very dark and most of the people were moving so they have not come out as well as i hoped.

girls arse at bar


girl who walked past and smiled at my friend

her boyfriend

pretty lights

girl who asked me if anyone was using a chair

her arse

toilet bowl without seat

another girls arse

Thursday, July 06, 2006

music industry going down

when you think you can buy individual mp3s of your favourite artists then the music industry releases a 'best of' album - nobody buys it becuase you already have the mp3s indidually. mp3 players are just little boxes that have 'best of' music. i have listened to so much music on my new mp3 player since i got it , i will never need to buy another cd again as long as i live. to think, i used to burn all my podcasts onto a cd to listen to them on my cd walkman and that only played 12 songs. this is great. i forgot what i supposed to blog about so this will have to do.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

boxes and big brother

i just come home, switch on big brother and thats it. this is the first time i've used my computer today as i had a training course at work. after dropping my box on steves foot when i copped an eyeful of the trainers cleavage who was bending foward i was then given a certificate which qualifies me to bend over and lift boxes without injury. i gave it mine back out of guilt.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another radio one show up

I did a recording this week for radio one here ---

this week i mentioned which is a poetry podcast from simon. i often find myself walking aaround composing poems, words and phrases and these go to waste. i must find the time to write these down these thoughts and compile them into poetry to send to simon. morris suggests that he sees some of these words too as it helps his diagnoses of things which trouble me. its the last in the series of raido one 'oneclick' shows they have done. the nice lady at the bbc sent me a wonderful email saying how much she liked me sending in my comments, but they have finished the series now. i hope it wasnt because i admitted that i didnt pay my licence fee.


i have not really been online this week much, even to answer my emails as it has been so hot upstairs here in the loft i havent much fancied coming up to get baking hot.itis great having my new phone as it means i dont have to switch on my pc at all to download podcasts, i can just find someone with a wi-fi and they are on my phone 5 minutes later. there is a football match on this afternoon, i think i will go shopping as its nice and quiet during this time.