Tuesday, May 31, 2016

cookies notification

i have this message from blogger:

European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent. 

As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies. 

You are responsible for confirming that this notice actually works for your blog and that it is displayed. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third-party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities.

i cannot change the template to add this message so you will just have to read the message above. if you do not agree to 'cookies' then either leave, break european law or vote brexit.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

my thoughts on president trump

i understand he is a successful igorant racist old businessman. i am not sure if this is good or bad. on the positive side he is successfull and a businessman - it is good that businessmen are successful and i would want someone successsful leeding me. he is racist though with isn't nice, especially if you're not white. but he is old. and old people tend to be ignorant racists so its to be expected. so i guess its part of the bundle. if wrinkly was a bad thing we'd have to accept it as its part of being old.

a lot of politicians tend to fail at other things so go into politics the same as teachers go into teeching. to have someone who owns towers and has there own reality tv show is a sign of success not failer so i dont see what is wrong. i don't know enough about the little jewish yoda man or hillary clinton who opposes trump so wont be able to decide who to vote for even though i cant vote. i wish obama would stay as he is nice.

trump towers

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

poem to the recipient of a rejection letter

you may test me
you may interview me
you may reject me

but you will never take my freedom
nor take my self esteme
or my weekly job seekers allowance and disability benefits

may i emerge from beneif the shadow of uselessness
to the bousem of gainful employment
drinking from the bountiful teat of a regular wage

i'll show YOU mr fancy pants 
YOU and YOUR beige vauxhall insignia
i'll show YOU and YOUR exhaust pipe filled with POOP

just remember while youre on your fancy word proccessor
wearing your fancy shirt
and rubbing clean your fancy vauxhall insignia exhaust pipe

i'll be the one at home with mum
NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'll be the one

please share this poem with anyone unemployed to comfort them

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Friday, May 20, 2016

post job interview releaf

i feel very tired, i had my job interview today then went out with some of the other candidates for drinks and just walked back from a nice club. i drank water and dint do very well with the man. i am worried but we all thought we shouldnt be hard on ourselves even if do get the job. it was good to get practice in with interviews even if i dont get the job. at least the goverment paid for my new shirt.



Thursday, May 12, 2016

job interview

i am very happy today as i have found out that i have a job interview next week. that is all i have to say.

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Friday, May 06, 2016

new email address

i am having the technical problems and changed my hotmail account to .com so if anyone needs to contact me please email roger_smalls@hotmail.com . i am interested in friendship and romance and not spam, epsically if you look like my ideal woman below please contact me for dating opportunty.

is this you and are you lonely?

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Monday, May 02, 2016

holiday spoilt

when you dont have a job every day is the same. may day was supposed to be special but today just felt like any other day trapped at home. no where to go and no money to spend.

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