Sunday, February 27, 2005

jack lalange news

i have just sent an email to madge wiensteins show asking her who jack lalange is as he intregues me. as shw is american she should know. if anyone else does please leave your comments

you can buy the jack lalanne power juicer for a one of payment of £119.85 or three payments of £39.95 . i saw one on ebay for 50p though at Posted by Hello

jack lalanne sang on the docummentary. i prefer his blue suit that he wears on left rather than the grey one he wore in the 1920's. jacks details are at  Posted by Hello

the lady on the tv documentary says drinking mr la lannes juice 5 times a day is good for you Posted by Hello

the inventor of the jack la lanne power juicer - mr jack la lanne, alive and producing juice. Posted by Hello

a man drinking jack lalannes juices Posted by Hello


i havejsut starting using the ipodder progam on my computer and you dont need an ipod to use it, just the windows media player to listen to the songs.

madge weinsteins show keeps downloading to my computer all the episodes. i have also found an american who is called adam curry and he sounds like a funny man. you can download a lot of his shows from the internet and i amm just listening to them all at the moment. he does a hit quiz and i can get them all right quicker than he does. type this into the ipod program and it will load up all his songs into your c drive

Saturday, February 26, 2005


i saw a nice prettygirl coming out of the newsagents and followed her (she is on the left in the pink). Posted by Hello

orlando bloom

brush with stardom! i was in w.h.smiths in town, bent over to do my shoelace. when i got up i came face to face with none other than the pixie out of lord of the rings mr orlando bloom. then i relised it was a book. i like him becuse he is a very clean man. i smelt his book and it was nice. Posted by Hello

busy saturday - trip to town

got the bus into town today. got new battery for my hearing aid, i can hear again! also got the man at the phone shop to show me how to record better sound on my phone. took a few photos around town and have just downloaded a program called "picasso hello" which means i can put picutres onto my internet. i even bumped into a famous person in a shop....

Friday, February 25, 2005

hearing aid battery dead

i;m getting really annoyed as the is a realy good james bond movie on the tv at the moment but i cant hear hardly anything because the battery in my hearing aid has run out so i'll have to wait until the chemist opens tommorow morning before i can buy a new one.

i didnt have a good time when i got home from work. the dutchess did a mess in the living room and i had to clean it all up as usual. i dont want to leave her outside in her penn during the winter though because it is so cold out there. april to may sould be warm enough. we are also getting new carpets around that time.


i have been listening to one of madges chums called falco who does a show at . you can download all his shows and they aer very funny and play good music.

falco is a very blue and furry little man looking at his web site. most people who have blue hair are old women, madge simpson and the gothics.

Mardge simpson

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Speeddating update

wow, just been checking for things to download. madge weinstein has played my report on speed dating that i recorded the other night on my phone. i emailed her the file and she played it right at the end of her show :

you will have to excuse the quality as i am still playing with the settings on my phone. i will take my phone to the shop at the weekend and see if they can help make it sound better. the name of the show is nude speed dating, but i didnt spend any of the evening in the nude. i think madge was talking in the nudist beach at the start of the show. that is why it was called nude speed dating.

the madge weinstein show is at but i keep having to check it every evening. one idea would be every time that madge saves a mp3 file on her web site it could automatically email me with the file to save onto my computer. you wouldnt have to keep rememberng to go to the site to check for files.

getting free money to stay at home!!

mum was in a very bad mood this morning and got very upset with me for leaving our bedroom in a mess. i know that she cant move or anything but sometimes i find it hard in the mornings to get ready in a rush beofre i have to get to work.

some people i know get to stay at home all day and the govenment pay them to do it, they just have to go to the post office every week to get money, the rest of the time they go to the pubs or watch tv. a few of them still keep up their hobbys like woodwork, fitting windows and waitering when they are not at home. one lucky person i know recently got a nice new house brought for him by the govement but he still lives with his girlfriend and rents out the house. if anyone can tell me how to do this that would be great.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More keyrings

Nog news

looking at nog pictures got me very excited and i am trying to find out details of what he is doing now. i have found some more pictures and he certainly is showing his age:

Cut out the wagon wheels nog!


if anyone knows what nog is doing these days why not leave your comments and maybe we can start a 'bring back nog back to more films'. if he starred in smallvile though it might make it better, but its still rubbish.


I really hate smallvile. its just dawsons creak with capes. except you dont event get that many super hero action things. i much prefer the films, especially superman episode 2. my favourite is nog, the one with the beard. especially when he trys to set that snake on fire with his laser eyes.

this is a nice photo of nog holding a railing

This picture is very frightnening if you get up close to the computer screen and look at his eyes. imagine those strong super hands grabbing you. you would never get away.

I would really like this doll of nog.

i also like otis, he is really funny espcially in the first superman. i also saw him in this other film called deliverance where he got chased around in mud in his underpants.


saw this today on the internet.

i have always had a thing for conjoined twins. i would have thought that the operation wouldnt help, on bill and teds films the song goes "two heads are better than one". i would love to have 2 heads, as i could see behind me and hear extra loud. having an extra tongue would be useful too. i would really like another right arm too,.

its snowing

and all the animals dont like it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

not sure what to do

this girl has left me a comment on my blog. nt sure what to doi as she sounds nice but mum has told me never to give out too much personal informartion on the internet like my phone number. i have given my credit card out a couple of times to this webcam girl to take her bra off but she never did and it cost mum sixty eight pounds.

Barry Pepper Keyring

what is the statement? i do not know.

barry having a poo


i'll thing ill stick to just wearing the clothes.

plan of action for tonight

tonight i think i will be going to the gymnasium as i havent been for a while. the last time i went i got foot fungus from the changing rooms so i will wear some sandels in the fucture.

becuse i cannot afford any creams at the moment i found after looking on the internet something called urine therapy . its the same as if you get a jellyfish sting although i have never had one of those.

the foot fungus went away after about a week. you only need about a glass full every day,my advice would be to tilt your head back and hold your nose when taking it. wait for it to cool down first though. i saw a video on the internet once with this girl trying it but her feet looked perfect, i thinkthe man doing it was her doctor.

Bad news

got into work today and heard some bad news, the man who complained to my boss yesterday Alan Johnson, his wife Cindy committed suicide. I only hope that Alan managed to give her the good news about the negative results before she passed away, hopefully she could have died a little happier. my condolances go out to Alan and his 2 children. on a lighter note i found this film of john leslie which is nice

Oh no

Mum shit the bed last night so i;ve got to change that and i am already late for work. i rolled over this morning and it was all down my leg.

A waste of time

that was the biggest waste of £20 that I have spent for ages. just tried to go to speed dating and didnt get a single date at all. a lot of men didnt either. except with fat girls. i did meet one hard to get girl afterwards but she changed her mind.

i recorded the event on my mobile phone and will email it to madge weinstein for her radio show as a report. madge offers a lot of advice that is very helpful to people, although she does use bad language she is very funny with her friend falco.

if you keep checking back to her web site every day she does an update by saving a music file on her site to download. maybe she will play it, she has played some other questions that i have sent in from my phone.

the quality is not perfect so if anyone knows a way to get better on a nokia then please let me know. i did the audio report by selecting the special menu then recorder then selecting the append to existing recording.


Monday, February 21, 2005


i am very excited as i found a advert in the paper this weekend for something called 'speed-dating' and am goimng to go tonight. it should be good.

i will bring my mobile telephone with me to take some pictures and possibly record the event.

Public apology

finished having a very long meeting going thru procedures with my line manager about checking all results with him first before sending them out as this can cause distress to the patients.

as this is all my fault i would like to publicly say sorry to Alan T. Johnson from Weston Road and his wife for causing them unnessassery distress and also sorry to Sharon Winsor from Shalford about the bad news when she was originally given the all clear.


just got into trouble from my boss as i got some test results mixed up and some patients got the wrong results who are very upset. my line manager is very cross becuse he got told off too for not checking my envelopes before sending it to the doctors. i have an appointment at 3 to go throjugh procedures.

Joker presents goldminer.swf

Joker presents goldminer.swf

this is a very clever game where a little man with a nice beard digs for gold using the arrow keys.

I'm up


This is all very exciting. All this time I've had an orange B icon on my internet explorer but I didnt know what it meant until someone shown me at work that I can write to the web. So i'll be able to tell you all about myself.

Best wishes.

Roger Smalls