Sunday, October 22, 2006

Torchwood Storyline

Welsh Men In Black

Thursday, October 19, 2006

hotmail spam solutions

i think it would be nice to tell the hotmail email system exactly who i bank with and who i know in nigeria so they can delete everything else. that way it can stop sending me all the other emails from HSBC, LLoyds TSB and King Jaffee Jaffa who all think they've cocked up and only I can in some way help them by clicking on a hyperlink to a porn site.

i am struggleing to revise for my exams and accidentally deleted an email from my tutor today which made me very angry with all these internet banks and presedents. i read something that our country spends more on marketing than it does on making things. if that is the case then how come all those viagra salesmen from africa send me hundreds of emails yet i've never received a single email from sachi and sachi in my life.if i was selling products on the internet i would use the experts from zimbaway any day rather than a british marketing company who do not seem to have a clue.all this spam is annnoying, but at least they are helping western men with erecctile disfunctions rather than just cooking them in those big pots.

Monday, October 09, 2006

carrying on that idea from my previous post

a vending machine affiliate scheme would be good idea too. if i had a pound for every time i politely told that fat bitch upstairs to buy her own raisen poppets rather than blatently stealing mine i would be able to buy my own vending machine by now. and sitting at one end of my desk so her wieght causes the desk to tilt and the sweets literally roll acrosss to beneath her giant varacous-vein-ridden pannus does not constitute as me offering her one either.

mini chedders for sale

i hate it when i get the number of the confectionary and the price mixed up in the vending machine. i have just brought a pack of number 40 bacon mini chedders rather than opal fruits number 36 which cost 40p. if anyone in the guildford area likes bacon mini chedders and would like to buy them off me please email me to arrange a pork liason. if anyone in teh vending machine buinsess reads this then please make your machines easier to use like maybe some form of shopping cart / wishlist facility? i could then request the chocolate bars i desire then if anyone with loose change is feeling generous or any fat people want to extinguish their guilt they could type in 'roger smalls' into the keypad, insert £1 and put a yorkie bar on hold for me and feel good about themselves. or a twix.

vending machine addicts / portable media expo pool party

Sunday, October 08, 2006

a poor turnout

it was my birthday last week and i was expectinv to go out with a handful of coleges at work over the weekend except that every one was too busy. i know i should not feel sorry for myself but i feel sorry for myself. i am now over a quarter of a century old, i still live with my mum, i have never had a proper girlfriend and have not got a career, just a horrible job that nobody wants. i got some vouchers for a shop that we dont have in guildford, the cost of transport to the nearest branch costs more than the vouchers does. i dd get a nice snowglobe from mother and my uncle sent me a tennis video with the woman from spiderman in. in spiderman and wimbleden kirstin dugnst falls in love with an unobtainable man called peter but in the end gets him. i have looked on the internet and she is already about to star in another film where she falls in love with a man called peter. she should be careful not to get typecast. this is a low time for me in my life nd my exams loom in my future like black clouds.