Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Unkle - Rabbit in your Headlights

This music video sums up the last seven days of my life , watch it if you get a chance but i think it is banned. a lot of music videos i do not understand becuase there are too many flashing screens , but this one seems to mean something.

mtv banned it because the actor was too good at portraying someone mental which they said was too scarey for audiences.

the thing is that mtv thinks it is alright to show lots of guys holding machine guns, singing about drugs and beating up women. thats more frightening to me than a mental man running along a street and getting hit by a car like on the unkle video. mtv should visit guildford on a saturday night at 2:30am to see that these so called lunatics are perfectly harmless and their only motivation is to find a kebab shop and get a taxi home. but some big men in cars with rubbish suspension wearing baseball hats really scare me - i wouldn't like to be the one that has to tell them that there music is rubbish.

mtv should stop showing all these videos that are a bad example to young people and show some nice films instead.

i keep having dreams about a nasty girl in tight black leather who wont let me into the supermarket because i dont have enough money. what does this mean? it the same nightmare that has been plauging my sleep for a while. i think i'll have more money soon though as i have been offered extra shifts in while some of the other staff are away with their children on holiday. i'm working thursday and friday evenings late for the first time this week - bit nervous but should be ok.

no podcast today i am afraid. so many reasons not to do it these days, so few reasons to do it. my life is so dull with day-to-day monotony that i figure i dont want to bore anyone else with these things. i;m just happy i'm getting extra wages!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Podcast - Why podcast

I wasnt sure what to talk about, but i just relised that a few might come along because radio one have linked to this site who are interested in podcasting. i thought i'd try and answer the question about 'why do you podcast?' /'why do you bother?'. i think it boils down to girls and money - any other podcasters struggling? i've mentioned the www.britcaster.com in todays podcast which has a lot of interesting things on it. here are some faces which intrege me:

if you are new to podcasting and have just followed the link from the BBC web site then click the this link to download itunes then click it again and itunes will subscribe to this show. itunes doesnt show all my old shows so you need to look on all the links on the right of my blog and you can hear them all there. you should also subscribe to www.britcaster.com and www.yeastradio.com . yeast radio is great and really funny - nothing like anything you are used to hearing on paid for radio!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

look mum, i'm on the bbc!!!

Wow. i had an email a while ago from a nice lady from the bbc radio station called radio one. for those who dont live in england radio one is a very popular station that young people listen to as they play mainly pop music. i heard that it is on a sirriuous radio too in america. anyway they wanted to do a documentary about podcasting and asked me if they could use some bits of my show. this week they have put it online and you can listen to it by going to this link. it has me at the end and has edith bowman presenting it. ram files arent like mp3 files and load up a program called realplayer with loads of adverts on it, that must be how the bbc make all their money.

in england everyone pays around £100 pounds to contribute to the bbc. we get 5 channels of national radio, lots of local radio and 2 main tv channels plus loads of channels on cable. now the bbc is podcasting it means everyone gets to enjoy it. its like if i owned a car and paid for car tax which pays for the roads to be maintained in england, the country would send workmen over to the rest of the world to maintain their roads for free.

i had some thouhgts about making money that i'm going to talk about soon. but i'm too tired to record a podcast tonight so maybe another night. im off to bed.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Podcast - Binge drinking in england

hi everyone

after a bad night last night in town i thought i would talk about my views on how often they should open pubs and bars for in england. its currently 12 hours but the greedy corporations want to change it to 24 hours instead. i've read on the bbc web site that they are changing it all CLICK HERE: And another bad idea is here about the £7 a pint - he hasn't been to london recently, that is already almost a reality. TERRIBLE STORY CLICK HERE

here is the link to the show...

you can click the following link to load my podcast striaght into itunes, but it only has a couple of my shows in, i dont know why its not picking up on any of my old ones as i've done loads by now.


Thursday, August 11, 2005


well done adam on getting all that money, thats very good news.

I;m writing this from my computer email program without having to log into blogger. the blogger web site is so slow these days, i dont know if its because i;m on a modem. so many web sites these days are slow, it adds to my frustration about podcasting. i dont like those podcast sites that automatically play the latest episode when you
load the page, it upsets me - so STOP IT!!! people that do that i unsubscribe to.

why are there so few UK podcasters in the UK? surely there must be more?

i;m really lonely tonight, little things seem to get to me. i;m angry and sad. i get urges and need companonship. i need a girlfriend or a pet dog to cuddle with on the sofa and satisfy my needs. i always buy a pet when i;m lonely.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

George Bush

i thought this video about george bush was funny, even though i dont think it was real!

George Bush Film

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What have i been doing?

Hi everyone. Sorry i havent updated my blog recently, i've been trying to lay low recently to avoid all the nasty comments i've been getting from my blog. i've turned them off now to avoid any trouble from people. i get so many people from work always putting me down i don;t really need to feel worthless on my blog too.

i've taken some of the comments on board becuase i think if someone feels upset enough to be writing to me on the web then i have done something wrong. if you want to leave me a comment then just email me and at least i can reply to you. i want to slowly start cutting down on my blogging and podcasting a bit as it seems the nasty comments appeared more often the more that i did them. its also so demorolising to see all the major proper companys with money and proper microphones recording shows and then getting really well, does this seem the end of proper podcasting?

ive been doing some things for radio 1 recently (not bbc 1 which is a tv station!!!) and will let you all know a bit more about it nearer the time, but its all very exciting. i think they have been speaking to mr adam curry and some british podcasters recently, i hope they put accross podcasting in a nice way.

i also heard that to get into itune chart you just keep clicking unsibscribe and subscribe and it makes you do higher. that hardly seems fair. nor does podcast alley becuase its always the same poeple - if you read the comments for people doing well they are always from the same names using different email addresses. i give up. why is podcasting just a big popularity contest? i try not to let it wind me up, i'm staying at home a lot in the evenings and doing a lot of drawings instead which helps me relax.

i'm in quite a depressed mood today. i said this to someone in an email the other day, but why did i choose such an unrewarding hobby? only big corporations make shows that everyone wants to hear. its sad to see all the 'indy' podcasts getting forsed out of everything.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Remember my name
I'm going to live forever
I'm going to learn how to fly

I forgot all their names apart from Bruno, I checked the internet movie database - two of them are dead and none of them hold valid pilots licences.

When are schools going to start giving realistic careers guidance to children?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chris Moyles podcast and audiences


He is number one after only ten hours which is a good pat on the back to the bbc for doing podcasts with such a popular show. i think it is a good thing. chris could use this opportinuty to be more racey as he is always very restricted in what he says on the radio so he could just talk normally without having to read out the time every other record or do traffic reports. maybe he could to a soundseing tour on a night out without editing anything. i dont know, if i was the bbc i wouldnt just copy a show onto mp3 and save it to the internet - probably better to use it to say things you cant say on the radio becuase of rules, time limits and mary whitehouse.

i looked at the bbc site and i hope they realise their audience figures are a lot more accurate...

Before podcasting - Estimated 2 million per show

After podcasting - 445,223 downloads per show

which i think would be more useful to them as it takes the guesswork out. i've got 56 listeners today which is very accurate. who are you all though? i think podcasting would be better if podcasters knew who their audiences where, that way if you wanted people to advertise then companys would part with some money. i would be willing to part with a tiny amount of persenal information like my age (like on websites) if it meant that podcasters got a little bit of money as they cant be expected to do it for free. if i had my details in itunes and it told podcasts who i was that would be useful for them to help sell the shows to big companys.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why cant online dating agencys get it through their heads?

Please stop sending me emails with ladies that have the following wrong with them........

I know i said that i'm not fussy when i filled in the form on the dating website, but can some common sence be exersised first? it wouldnt hurt, unlike some of the girls i'm supposed to be going on dates with.

can anyone recommmmend a good dating agency web site for free? maybe one with some decent girls on and the option to skype them?

if you go to www.craigslist.com and search the personals section for the word 'IMG' it brings up all the pictures of girls, but they are all in san fransisco and I am not. some of them are rough but others are nice.