Saturday, December 24, 2005

podcast - christmas message

been working tonight, busy earlier on but died down about half hour ago. recorded a message on the way to work so here it is.
my mp3 christmas message

for those of you who dont know who michelle mcmanus is (the lady who i talk about in my podcast)....

...she is singing on a christmas charity record reminding everyone that there are starving people in africa. charity should begin at home with that hyperocritical elephant.

picture competition - one is the large fridge full of food, the other is a household appliance.

half hour and i finish my shift!!!!

i cant sleep

my mind is buzzing. i started work at midday until 9pm and my toenail is going to drop off any minute. cant sleep as it hurts so much. i wish i could just chew the affected area off. must sleep,must sleep must sleep - i have 4 more days of shifts to do and dont want to be drowzy.

Friday, December 23, 2005

spastic hands

i found an interesting web site of lots of prettygirls who all have spastic hands. every photo they have taken they hold out their hands in a deformed claw fashion. some of them arnt in bad condition (apart from the hand issues), this intrigues me. if i had a spastic claw i would hide it behind my back when the cameras are out, not flash it around like a joey.

take a look----


hello, sorry the hosipital is very busy this week and full of people having accidents (binge drinkers manly) - have been doing many stand in shifts for the people. think i might be working on christmas day now becuase of a mistake i made with a girl. she emailed me to say this...................

Hi Roger,

I have been hearing about you on the DSC and I think that you are a very interesting man. The people leaving feedback and posting on the wiki (and even Adam sometimes) are really harsh on you. But on your weblog i saw your email and you said that you were single so I would really like to meet up somewhere in Guildford (Thursday 22nd would be convenient for me)f you do want to i would appreciate a reply to organise places, times, dates etc. And maybe i can get to know you better

Talk To You Soon


A/S/L = 23/F/Guildford, UK

I emailed her back to let her know that I might not be around tonight as i was working a late shift, but i offerered someone else to swap their christmas day shift if they did my shift tonight so i could go for a date with amanda. she never got back to me, and now i have wasted an evening and will have to work christmas day meaning mum will be on her own.

this amanda isnt replying to my emails any more, even after i did all this - ever sinse my blog address went on adams site people have started emailing me with so many nasty things, this just seemed like a trick.

if i get time i will record a podcast but there is nothing to talk about apart from walking to work and back every day, i have been trying to record audio comments for shows i like as i can use their server space because mine is running out. sending things to adam results in trouble, yeast radio has lots of proper comments these daysso i will wait until things die down- i recordered some questions for Regan Fox and he played one then called me a retard so i wont be listening to Fox and the City or eat this hot show any more. they say that fame changes people and they were right, he is very talented but there is no need to be rude as i get enoguh people doing that during the day to me. i always like to send in comments when podcasters ask, so i will spend the new year with a fresh set of podcasts that are after comments as its fun sending things in.

Friday, December 16, 2005

party night 2nite!

looking forward to tonight, i'm very excited and am going to go shopping on the way home to buy a new waistcoat and smart shoes. there is a new girl on reception who wears gothic clothes who i have my eye on, her freind told me she might be going tonight so i am looking forward to it. there is nothing more sensual than the smell of tippex on a women.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

christmas party!!!

got into work and had some great news. my department is having their works party on friday and iam invited, cant wait!!!! there will be lots of girls that i like, hopefully a lot of them will be drunk and up for a christmas kiss - i will see if i can get hold of some miseltoe in time. this is why i like this time of year so much as im sure to get something out of tommorow. best thing is that my organisation are paying too as they are running under budget - what a perk of the job! hurray!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

stupid greenies

these environmentalists are so melodromatic. i heard an interview with a man from greenpeace complaining that we shouldnt be using plastic carrier bags for carrying shopping because they take 20,000 years to fall apart.

obviously this so called 'expert' hasnt been shopping in Sainsburys before. tonight my bag containing milk, orange juice and a couple of cans of baked beans lasted eight minutes before it fell apart, spilling my food all over the pavement.

Monday, December 12, 2005

[#41014559] Your Google Base 'Tub of Wax' Posting

Google Base Team ( +Add contact
Subject: [#41014559] Your Google Base 'Tub of Wax' Posting

Pictures and links in this message have been blocked for your privacy. Show content


Thank you for submitting an item to Google Base. We would like to inform you that we have disabled your item entitled "Rare Hair Wax," because itis not permitted by our Program Policies(

Sales of human body parts are not allowed on Google Base. This includes hair follicles. This product has also not been approved by Adam Curry and therefore cannot be listed.

If you feel that we've evaluated your item incorrectly, do not hesitate to email us back. Otherwise, please know that we're working hard to make Google Base available to a wider variety of Web content.


The Google Team

Sunday, December 11, 2005

TV lineup for tonight

BBC1 - Sports Personality of the Year 2005 Awards
This is a contratrydiction in terms - since when has anyone involved in sports had a personality?

BBC2 - Top Gear
Not a drugs reference. A tv show with an audience of 8 million reviewing which cars to buy. the funny thing is only around 8 people of that 8 million can afford the cars they actually review.

ITV - Royal variety Performance
TV's very own The Queen falls asleep infront of a stage full of ITV washed out celebs. Its like watching the musical stageshow version of ITVs schedule in the space of 2 hours. Can't the queen choose a decent tv channel to watch the stageshow version of, ie Playboy, The Adult Channel or Televiion X? I am wondering why the word 'variety' is used as its the same bloody show every year, poor The Queen, no wonder shes always looks so miserable.

Channel 4 - Not Forgotton
They are having a joke. How can they call a primetime show so boring 'Not forgotton'?

Channel 5 - Coleens secrets
The secret isn't a secret. Its a well known fact that no sane person in their right mind cares about some footballers wife chav with money. Seriosly, this is a documentary on prime time. Not so much of a film tonight. i give up.

Its a good job I dont pay my licence, this is a load of crap. I'm up in the attic now as this is an abismal joke. The freeview starts at 12, I'll be down for that. In the mean time i'm waiting for a few more podcasts to get released as nobody does them at the weekends.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Thursday, December 08, 2005

podcast - madonna is a thieving witch

if i were to say to you find me a podcast by madge you would all go to i hope.

Original lesbian

i have recorded my thoughts becuase i am very angry that there is an imposter called madge in the podcast scene. it makes me angry when the so called 'profesionals' get into podcasting, it makes me more angry when they use an established name, especially my second favourite show to promote their albums crummy albums that rip off abba something chronic.

mp3 podcast

i am outraged that madonna has stooped so low, i used to love her songs but now i just want to lock her in my airing cupboard and fart in it.

Fake lesbian

Friday, December 02, 2005

bitch whore slut

i'll explain tommorow.