Tuesday, February 17, 2009


i have given twitter an opportunity and opened an account a while ago but am not impressed. although it allows me to update the internet from my mobile phone i cannot easily express my thoughts within the limits of 180 charectors.

the number of celebrites using the site has increased as the race to publically get the most fans grows. twitter feels like standing in a crowd at a red carpet event whilst everyone shouts 'hey steven fry, im going to the dentist'. i am not sure steven fry cares much for this information and wish he would just get on with writing another book or being melchet. it is all very strange.

i used to respect steven fry, but now he is always in the news promoting himself on twitter i'm getting steven fry overload - he needs to stop self promoting so much or do another disappearing act in france and leave his iphones at home for a month. It is like an early adopter of the envelope promoting Avery so he can get more used knickers in the mail. the difference between soiled duds through your letterbox and twitter messages is that they aren't wafted under everyone elses noses every time one is sent.

twitter needs to address the problem of being able to search for women between a certain age, size and european nationality and filter out profiles with photos only then i can see it catching on mainstream.

i will continue to use with the site with caution but am going back to blogger and hotmail for all my communication and dating requirements.

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