Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Apples child labour policy is nothing to be ashamed of

today i read a story about Apple admitting that they use child labor to make their expensive iphones as though it is something to be ashamed off. Child labour isnt a bad thing, children have been doing paper rounds for ages so why isnt that frowned upon? the Americans have 'bring your child to work day' so why do they have to be racist when a Chinamen brings his kid and asks it to help out? Fish Finger magnate Captain Birdseye runs his operation using a boatload of young boys and no one complains.

Acceptable - Captain Birdseye

At least apple teaches children to make expensive things to give them a good start in life. when they leave apple and get their own factory they'll know how to build cheap ipods and not just dip kippers in breadcrumbs. i wish someone told me how to make an MP3 player as a child and i would be a rich man now. Even hollywood portrays kids in the workspace as a good thing with films such as Big, Oliver, Shindlers List, Shortround from Indiana Jones and Taxi Driver portraying children as capable employees. If they dont like it they can always jump off a building.

Acceptable - Child chauffeurs

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

tv charity

a commericial for a charity for blind people is asking for thousands of pounds a month to look after guide dogs. i think the blind are being ripped off, dog food only costs 30p a can.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

protest like an egyptian

i dont know why the stalemate is still going on in egypt nor why it is still headline news. nothing has changed since all the protests started yet i keep seeing the same picture of all the people in the square having a riot. it just looks like new years eve in trafalgar square every day, nothing new to see.


they have all been there long enough to be more organised and they seem to have cheaper access to twitter than i do, so there is no excuse to do something better. groups of people should stand in formation to spell out some words to get their message across like the crowds in football matches. if i was their president i would probably leave if i saw that.

egyptians are missing a great opportunity with the worlds media filming them to put on a nice display

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

luton riots

i am confused by the racist riots in luton on the news. the racists are waving signs saying 'BAN THE BURKA' but they are wearing masks and hoodies so you cant see their faces. these people are sending out very mixed messages.

nun costumes look similar to burkas but no one complains about them, in fact i think they look pretty hot.

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