Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i met a lesbian in the canteen today. she told me her name was alan but that doesnt sound right for a girl. she knew nothing of madge and ate pecan.

Alan, in your white ford escort
eating seeds and nuts
hold me in your strong arms
arouse me with your face

Not Alan

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

compelling video

digital divide

i wanted to sign up for ebay at lunch but cannot because i do not have a credit card any more. i ran into some problems with the bank a while ago and it means that i cannot have a visa card. its a real pain becuase i still have to go to the post office to collect my benefits in cash then go to the bank to take cash out. i get so worryed that i have all this money in the house, banks should be more responsible and let me have a card. i cant buy anything online easily, couldnt even register my podcast on iTunes without a credit card.

they call hthis the digital devide, i think its where the internet is for for wealthy people and the rest of us suffer. for people with a modem its only really good for email and not suitable if you dont have a bank account to transfer money.

no wonder all those people from nigeria have to email me asking about transfering cash, all they are doing is trying to sell some of their crud on ebay. anyone know of a way of selling on the internet without a visa card? i will let them know also when i find out.

Forget it where you see this sign

Monday, November 28, 2005

i;m very very happy

i had a great night tonight, something magical happened to me. its 2 late 2 blog, ive just got back but cant sleep so i thought id stay up and download some scud and write a bit more on my blOg.

bad day yesterday, work sucked. 2day made up for it though!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

A poem called Counting The Days

i shall miss you every day

my heart still longs for you

the companionship we once shared

shalt never occur again

Monday, November 21, 2005


def: Being able to connect to the internet in unsuitable places such as the kitchen, toilet or underneath a crispy unwashed duvet. Just because Madge Weinstein can use her new laptop in these places doesnt mean she should. she should at least warn me the next time that she is taking a massive shit before engaging in a conversation on skype. a laptop that is 'Weinstein-Fi' enabled means it wont burn the knees or have cables dragging everywhere whilst dropping the kids off at the pool.

The Curry Carehome

def: Another place Mr Adam Curry might well live in the future when he gets too much for Christina to look after. he will live here for the remainder of his days, podcasting memories of bygone times about the 1980's at MTV, living on a intravenus drip of senseo coffee and talking about the days he flew a sesner 182.

Seedy ROM

def: A compact disc capable of storing 650megabites / 3 evenings worth of pornographic images and bongo videos.


def: Being able to connect to the internet whilst in the vicinity of a MacDonalds, Burger King, motorway service station or gloryhole truck stop. Dave Winer usually records his popular podcasts from the car park of a Mac Donalds whilst driving across america. Like Mr T, Dave prefers to drive everywhere rather than fly - "I ain't getting in no plane fool unless i invented it!!!". Keep on truckin' Dave!!

The Curry Caravan

def: Part of the series of places that Mr Adam Curry lives (The Curry Castle, Cottage and Condo). The Curry Caravan will be the next place Adam Curry will live if the music industry catches up with him and sues him. Fortunatly for Adam he lives in an undisclosed secret area of Guildford, which would take months to track him down to issue a court order.


def: A crappy little box that you attach to your computer and let it run up massive phone bills trying to download podcasts. Crashes alot. useless for porn vids as well. cheaper buying magazines. ok for email.

technical jargen and mumbo jumbo

i popped by dixons electrical shop a while ago and picked up a catalog with some interestng things in. the computers look really nice, so when my numbers come in i would buy one as mine is slow and out of space (and pay for mum to a private hospital first of course).

in reality i am tormenting myself, i can barely afford the £4.99 headphones, I cant even afford a mobile topup card until payday. what chance does someone like me have of buying a £1000 laptop with centrios in? i need some new headphones too.

what interests me is the dixons jargon buster section in their catalog. i am learning what all these new terms mean like bluetooth and aol firewall. i dont understand how they improve my life, but if they could download porn quicker than i could wank then they would have my attention. i have decided to make some of my own up jargon terms and put them on the blog when i think of them.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Adam Curry Interview

hi everyone.

i'm was vvery excited becuase Madge Weinstein recently recorded an interview with Adam Curry. i heard that madge was going to the exhibition in america and so was adam so i emailed madge with some questions which she asked him during their stay together. i didnt think madge would ask them becuase i ask some very personal questions, but i feel very important to ask him.


i will not include the mp3 link in my feed, but a link to madges web site so you can choose to listen or not becuase madge might not be everyones taste. its at .

my questions are addressed at the beginning and i belive adam answered these honestly and truthfully. after that they do some dave winer questions and thiings get veery strange after that. i feel that one my dreams in life has come true. i really do.

Adam Curry with telescope

old bags

i keep getting my feet run over at work. all the old women who i work with have lots & lots of paperwork that they carry around. instead of just carrying it in their arms like normal people they use those wheelie travel suitcase things. these rae a health hazard and knock people over. the worst thing is that they laugh histerically when they do it, like its funny or something to maim people they work with. why do old women laugh when they piss people off by getting in the way or blocking doorways? this rancid old witch ran over my bad toenail today and its on its last tendon before it drops off. with all these suitcases my workspace is turning into an airport.

Like this but 4 times as old

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Podcast - distrought

i was debating if i should make last nights thoughts into a podcast, well here it is.
the mp3

i was referring to the allegations at

"36:40 AUDIO COMMENT - A Curry stalker Roger prepared a Hit Test-like quiz ("guess this noise"). "

today i am happier apart from an incedent with a fat bully at work, a microwave and some soup. also my toenail is falling off.

i am too tired to worry about such things and need to get an early night.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ten of the best Barry Pepper movies

i found a podcast recently that mentioned barry pepper in saving private ryan so i emailed them a few more details and they recorded it. i am not happy because they were not very kind and didnt focus on the outstanding acting that barry is capable of, but it was good that they read out my request.

The films are:
25th Hour
we were soldiers
saving private rian
dale earnheart
green mile
enemy of the state
knockaround guys
battlefield earth

tonight i have been talking through my problems and got a few things off my chest and made some progress. i have disided that tommorow i am going to spend all day smiling. that will make people feel happy around me and therefore not be nasty.

i had a nice email from another podcaster asking me to me on their show, this is a man from britian. it would be nice to meet another podcaster to talk about things. my dialup has been playing up and crashing since the weekend, only just got it fixed tonight, meaning that i have a stack of podcasts to download since last week!!!! my ipodder is going to be very busy tonight!!!! thats the good thing about podcasting is that you can catch up on things, unlike missing shows on the tv and radio. tv was rubbish anyway, i watched the crying game for the first time on sunday and felt dirty.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Podcast - Hittest

Hello quiz lovers everywhere!!! As Mr Adam Curry cant make any more music tests on his show i made a podsafe hit test for adam to play. as its up on my server i thought i would link to it in my podcast so that you can all play along at home or in the car or at work. he didnt play the whole quiz on his show which i bet has been leaving you all hanging on wanting to know what the answers are. let me know how well you all did!!!!

Link to the mp3 on the server

enjoying musical parlour games

i wish i was in america

i went ot bed last night very upset becuase i feel left out of the podcasting confernce in amercia. i wake up to see madge gloating:

i feel so held back at home and all these things are happening in america.

Monday, November 07, 2005

the grapes of wrath

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Podcast - Fireworks nightmare again

im not sure what happened but this hasnt gone into itunes properly so i am trying to post this again. hope it works - can someone let me know if this works or not. i recorded it last night about fireworks night. today i feel better.

podcast link to the mp3

if this works i will delete the old one. i wish i understood feedburner.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Podcast - Fireworks nightmare

i have not had a good night at fireworks night tonight, recorded this watching a display behind the house (sorry about the quality - everyone is complaining to me about my phone recordings, a new phone is on the horizan soon one day...) - the bangs were very loud.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

i;ll podcast soon!

i;m so busy doing overtime that i havent realy had much time to podcast.

the process goes..

-if something troubles me i;ll record something on my phone
- if i forget anything i;ll append it on my phone. annoyed that it beeps when i press the start/stop button but cant turn it off.
- when i get time i plug the phone into the pc and use the nokia suite to copy the voicenotes file over
- i convert the file into mp3
- i write details of the mp3 in propertys.adam always says to add the email address so i do.
- i then wait around an hour for it to copy to the server, meanwhile i am perusing though google images for tarts. larger images make everything slower, sometimes 1.5 hours.
-write the filename in blogger with my thoughts and hay presto! its midnight and 108 people are happy!

i must sleep. my thoughts betray me to do other things but i must fight them and stay in the house tonight.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

its about time to put the record straight

i was looking for some barry related web sites today and found a podcast that menrioned him. it angered me as they had him in the best ever soldiers show then kicked him out. i have emailed them about this and hope they go back and change things. Barry Pepper is too good for such things anyhow.

i am trying new medication this week that makes me tired and stops the accidents occuring as frequently. fingers crossed...

my mood today is lOnely and i miss the dutchess. christmas wont bed thre same this year without her.