Tuesday, February 28, 2006

rushing around like a blue arsed fly

i have had such a busy day, i worked a very long shift and had to do someone elses dutys who was skiving off with bird flu. i got to put my walkman on at work and listen to the daily source code - it sounds like adam is getting visited by a weirdo in a mini. he thinks it might be me but i dont own a mini. he must be careful as a famous person like him can attract strangers like flys round shit. no sooner had i got home tonight but i had to rush back out for an appointment. on the way home tonight i recorded adam an audio comment setting him straight about the driving ban. i have also emailed madge with an audio comment about developing a script idea for a movie as she has a production company and makes films. i am trying to put my writing ideas to good use and tommorow i beleive my article for podcasting magazine comes out. i am very excited and will post a link to it when it becomes avialable.

Monday, February 27, 2006

slow everything

everything in my house has is slowing down and it makes me increasing angry. my cable box takes 2 seconds to respond to any button i press on the remote. my computer is going so slow that i am ready to throw it out of the window. my phone takes forever to power up. what is causing this widespread slowness? microchips are meant to be faster than we are, but are so slow. i have desided to go out into the big wide world and do something away from electrical consumable items. I will visit Sainsburys.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Barry Pepper

one for the collection

Friday, February 24, 2006

dentists are theives

i have just been to the dentists so they can tell me that i dont need to see the dentists. they then asked for £18. i should have told them they dont need to ask for £18 as i dont have it. i have to go back there later once i have got the cash out at lunchtime. i hate being ripped off so much. mind you, the oral hygenist was really sexy with a tight blouse, long golden hair and a short skirt. she is one of those girls who knows that men get excited over her. i think she knew that i would get excited over her as she handed me some tissues after my checkup. not sure if that was worth £18.i will have to report on that later when they have finished cleaning the disabled toilets. i hope she is still at the dentists later when i drop off this money, i may ask her out.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Doesnt he look good?

i am so glad he is not in iraq any more, i wouldnt sleep with worry. i am worn out from a hard day at work and must go to the dentists early. why cant dentist open late night? we can have late night pubs, late night cinimas and late night petrol stations, but important things like dentists only open during working hours when people are at work. i can get by without drinking, going to the cinima and purchasing petrol but i will always have a mouth thaat needs cleaning.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

kiss my rss

I have been accused of many things in my life - over-enthusiasm, under-confident, sexual harassment and annoying, but letting things get on top of me has never been a problem until this last week or so. its been in a strange few days, and i've not really in a mood to share my thoughts with this blog or the rest of the world. this strange funk that clouds my mind has been hard to blow away. sometimes i wish i could be like dave winer and just post links to things. digg-ing daves style, its del.icio.us. google needs a dave winer button to add to its toolbar that you click when you are on a web page and it quotes a random sentence on scripting.com.


i have been asked to write my thoughts for a magazine last week which will be interesting to see if they use it or not as i wasnt in the mood. i also recorded an advert for earthlink for Adam which he played on his show and that was nice . a few people have emailed me to say they enjoyed it which was good. i have also started work on a sculpture for Adams mantelpeice, but that is not going as well as i thought it would. it has already started to sag, i must experiment with a different combination of ingredients.

i was looking forward to meeting some girls over last week. however i didnt feel in the mood to be chasing after women in any sense of the word. i tried sampling a few more dating websites with no feedback either. i have been pouring my time into overtime instead, in bad times i always have my work to fall back on. all the schools wwere off last week so half the people i work with stayed at home.

i am going to go now, i'll try recording a little podcast soon. the heating in the house is on the blink and mum is very cold.


Sunday, February 12, 2006


Someone special to me has lost someone very special to them at the weekend. ragan fox and racheal kaan need to get to miami for Juans Memorial Service on tuesday to offer their support. please donate what you can, details here...


I cant explain, but ragan explains everything in this brief podcast.....


So very sorry Madge.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tee shirts

i still cant sleep. i forgot to mention that an entrapenour has made a tshirt with my name on! i do not understand the attraction myself, but people pay good money for such things. mainly japanise perverts i believe. i have some soiled clothes if people want to buy those, i was going to use them for decorating reasons but if Mr Udegower wants to get jiggy with my crusty duds for a million yen then he is more than welcome. i dont know how to set up a shopping basket on my blog so just email me at roger_smalls@hotmail.co.uk and let me know what items you would like.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lunch with Adam

i am very exited today becuase a couple of good things have happened that have made up for yesterday. i had an aweful tuesday, i left work early because of a bad headache from looking at my computer too hard. i didnt feel much like doing anything until the best thing ever happenened!!!!!

before i went to bed i downloaded the daily source code and mr adam curry mentioned that he would like to go for lunch with me!!!! i am so happy and overjoyed. i emailed him an audio comment asking if he would fancy going around guildford on saturday night to meet prettygirls. unfortunatly he said he was traveling abroud so would not be able to accompany me to go crusing for hoes in his little helicopter.

but... in a couple of weeks he would be back in the country AND would like to to have lunch. i have emailed him to confirm a date without any reply yet, i am sure it is becuase he is very busy running podshow. i can just picture him on his blackberry emailing 'Buy' and 'Sell' to some oil tycoons.

i had to sleep on my back last night i was so excited. i cant remember the last time i woke up with a smile on my face and a stain on my pyjamas. today is the first time i feel happy to be alive this month. i know full well that valentines day will be a big disapointment as someone told me some home truths today about my scars. however valentines day is dwarfed by the fact that in 2 weeks time i'll be watching adam consume food just centimeters away from my face in his kitchen. i have already started preparing for this ocassion by buying 3 rolls of 35mm film at lunch today, now i must decide what to wear. i cant sleep but must.

Monday, February 06, 2006

magazine, ropes and gin

i am very excited today as i have been asked to write my thoughts for a podcast magazine called www.podcastusermagazine.com which is very nice. i am concerned that my writing is not of a journalists standard though. probably the last time i was asked to write a long document was in statement claiming i was not in the park that evening and i dont suppose my blogging and emails count as writing either. i notice that more and more bloggers just cut and paste other peoples blogs into their own without any opinion. i do not want to do this as i beleive people read my blog to know about me and all the latest adam curry / barry pepper related news, not what i have been able to take from someone elses site.

so what have i been up to then? i had to work over the weekend,and just after christmas brings in all the depressive overdosers so our department is very very busy right now. i blame the loan companies on tv who advertise credit cards. The general public fall for their lies and end up in dept making them feel like killing themselves. they should not be suisidal about it, they should count themselves lucky that they have a roof over their heads and have a wife and children who love them. if they didnt spend so much money on paracetamol and rope they might not be in so much dept trying to kill themselves. rope costs a lot of money and only the expensive rope is of any real use, i learnt the hard way and a lot of my cheaper rope has simply frayed or rotted away in the garage because of mildew.

i went out on saturday night by myself to meet girls with no luck whatsover.i left early and decided to walk home. although it was very cold i think walking is good because it gives me time to think and reflect on things. its funny how having an ingrowing toenail makes you fully apprecate the numbing effects of drinking neat gin before a long walk home. yesterday morning i woke up with a sore toenail and a sore head. i will never drink gin again.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

american toilet seats


i have inspected this story on the bbc website about the latest trend in heated toilet seats and ones that fire water back at you. i personally disagree with such technical devices, i hate going into a toilet and the seat is still warm from the last person sitting on there. unless it is a woman which is usually quite nice and has a curious aroma which i have yet to identify. i too have a toilet at home that sprays water back at me whenever i use it when i'm standing up. i cannot see how americans would want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that covers their tousers in spray.

once again these 'so called' technology experts have are too busy with their plasma tvs, satelitte navigation systems and dave winer to invent things that people actually need - a robotic prostitute that can iron.

There are no secrets, only ex-directory telephone numbers I do not yet have.

The adverts for 118118 are talking crap when they say 'got your number'. they wouldnt even give me a refund today when they failed to find the phone number and addresss of this nurse who i like. its not fair that google, the FBI and those chinamen currently have access to all this information but i dont. stupid censorship, all i want to do is send her a plant and some more pictures for valentines day. maybe the dirty minx is playing hard to get.

£1.50 is only number they have got from me so far.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the internet frustraights me sometimes

i am trying to get onto www.curry.com to check for updates but the site keeps going down or says "Server Maintenance In Progress". i worry about him and hope nothing bad has happened. i have had problems with hotmail.co.uk too, it was down for around 3 days this week and i was unable to read any emails. fortunatly nobody emailed me. if anyone has a problem with hotmail i suggest going to www.live.com and it will show you the subjects at least. the internet goes so slowly it makes me rock on my seat in anger, i need broadband at home like work.

today i thought about recording a video blog but am not sure how to do this. i have a video clip facility on my phone but know nothing of the editing and special effects that i see on music television. tv has given audiences its strange flashing images that are impossible to recreate on my phone and audiences will expect these on any video blog i am sure. everyone has been so forgiving with what audio i have recorded on my mobile phone so far which is nice, but may not tolerate the jerky candid videos that i have so far produced.

young people in love enjoying cameraphones