Monday, January 30, 2006

panic ahoy

i only have 15 days left until valentines day which is a panic. there are no girls at work who catch my eye. i do not know where to go to meet girls. i have tried most things i can think of, the workplace, gyms, pubs, nightclubs and i even speeddating. i want to try, but dont want to get my fingers burnt again. its the one time of year that i can have an excuse to properly approach girls, i dont want to let this year slip.

if only i could meet someone, i have so much to give. the thought that this time next month i could have a girlfriend excites me, i could be sitting downstairs with my arm round a prettygirl, massaging each others feet, caressing her hair, the feel of her skull under her skin, the smell of her clothes made of wool. yet i do not know who that person is, this frustrates me and makes me angry. my intoxicating desire for a mate keeps me awake at night.

am i alone? do many single men read this blog? if so what do you suggest???

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Podcast - watercooler

i have recored my thoughts about some things which i deem are lacking in podcasting. i have had a busy weekend at work with not many people to talk to. i feel very alianated right now with no friends and noone to talk to when i am such a blue funk. i wish i could force people to be plesant and nice without being rude, i sometimes wish i was a leader to enforse such rules. i would also cull burlgers. this cold weather is unbearable, and the buses aresso late right now. i am dreading going outside tommrow morning for work.

here is the link to the podcast

Friday, January 27, 2006


although it was sad to hear about the death of the whale i thought this was very funny about peoples reactions:

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The US goverment are sniffing up the wrong tree

I understand that there are a lot of troubles with the CIA and FBI going after google, microsoft and yahoo for what people type into their search engines. anyone who has used the internet for more than five minutes knows full well that you wont get any decent smut from MSN or Yahoos homepages.

they should be sending Ironside and Miss Marple down to the offices of booble and for printouts of their search terms instead- some of the sites they link to will make your eyes water.

they wont get very far this time by looking at my google history. And unless someone has made it a criminal offence to search for richard marx lyrics, magnum PI photos, dry skin and cheap broadband in guildford I think I'm perfectly safe.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


i keep hearing the names Dave Winer and Doc Searls in podcasting circles and have descided to investigate them further with no luck. i am disappointed. i have yet to find which strand of medicine this 'searls' person is supposed to practice, but in a mouth to mouth situation i think i'd prefer adam curry any day of the week. like so many of the doctors that i work with they think they are experts at computers, not that i am but they should stick to medcine. dave claims to have inventing podcasting - dont even get me started on that one. the main thing is that dave and doc searls both remind me of the fat ladies i sit near in the cafeteria that always gossip and quote other people---

From Doc Searls blog:
On Terry Heaton said: "There is now officially no difference -- online at least -- between TV stations (and networks) and newspapers."

From Dave winers blog:
Paul Stamatiou said: "Now, I will discuss how you can share any file by creating and seeding a torrent."

From Sarah sitting near desserts counter:
Sharon in payroll said: "She put on seven pounds over christmas and still keeps stuffing her face with chocolate the fat bitch."

this is blatent gossip from these people, they are just talking about computer people instead of overwieght payroll clerks with eating disorders, the only thing missing are hyperlinks. i am mystefied as to who these people are and must work out who they are only by what they say about other people. that isnt blogging at all. i want to know about what their opinions are.

Dave Winer

Monday, January 23, 2006

VHS night

I cant beleive Wesley Snipes gave up acting to star in Blade 2 - what a waste of 2 hours of my life and a blank video cassette.

i only have what seems like one blank video that i re-record on constantly, everyone i know owns sky plus or dvd recorders to watch tv when they want. i must be the last person in the universe left who watches tv when the tv stations want me to watch them. its good in one way, becauses i know shows that are in good taste will always be shown before 9pm - you dont get that with sky plus.

i read that the bbc will luanch their tv shows on the internet soon - just need to get broadband in my area and then get some money to pay for it. i hope they dont use realplayer as that go's so slowly.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


been working this morning (great becuase it was double time). i forgot to put up a nice video of adam that i found . i think it was filmed a long time ago, he has very different hair and speaks in a strange dialect which i cannot understand.


Friday, January 20, 2006

Podcast - tips for Adam Curry fans

i am so very tired but i had a great idea to solve all the problems that Daily Source Code listeners are getting with itunes....

Podcast - Tips for fans of adam curry

just a useful guidelines about more effective ways to download podcasts that should help you all out. i have a very bad headache and must sleep.

getting jiggy with it

i am just downloading a real treat for fans of adam curry, i will publish my findings tommorow when i have had a chance to decypher and interpret them.

interactive tv

i was happy to read a blog today from adrian pegg about channel 4 removing their red button interactive tv service. its about time too, i am getting fed up having to keep getitng up to turn the tv back on every time broadcasters instruct me to press the red button on my remote control.

i dont think interactive tv will ever take off as it isnt really interactive. i'll buy one the day they start putting waist high holes in the side of tv sets so i can interact with Fern Brittain, but not a day sooner.

adrians article is here. i like adrian.

Fern Brittain

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

the smell of curry

i have had a good and bad day. i woke up and had a little mishap which meant i had to take the morning off work to try and get a late appointment at the doctors. its so annoying that we pay our taxes in this country for the health service but we get such slow service. those doctors are so busy all the time in laboritorys researching they dont seem to care for the patients any more. they have found a cure for cancer in rats but if i was their boss i would get them to find a cure for people instead. i stood in a waiting room in pain for a whole hour before i saw someone. i am better now, i have to go back on friday afternoon to get my dressing changed though- think i'll bring a wordsearch with me.

the good news is that adam played my audio comment on the daily source code 318 for today. he keeps playing my audio clips, probably because he likes hearing from his fans and not his enemies who always say nasty things all the time. i wish someone would kill them all at the very least as these people who arnt positive just spoil the fun. it makes sense, if you have something negative to say then do it on your own blog, not someone elses. thats why you only ever hear these so-called 'critics' opinions in their own newspapers rather than on the tv shows they slag off. its about time bloggers followed suit.

adam revealed that he smells of short wet foreign womens hairs. amazing how the truth is different from your expectation as i was expecting him to smell of a mixture of oil, leather and coffee.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i have a theme tune

i was really suprised today when i was listening to Adam (DAily source code number 317) and a listener called jeff smith wrote me a theme tune!!! it is very dreamy like the beatles when they were into drugs and submarines and very nice. afterwards adam said that he needed to play an audio comment from me but didnt have one so i have just got dressed, rushed downstairs and recorded my thoughts to email him.

i dont know how to repay Jeff Smith as i dont know much about him, not even what he looks like. i would love to paint a picture of him. i have looked through the internet for Jeff Smiths and so far there are 5 people i would like to be him. the one at the bottom looks very kind and gentle, i hope its not the one who kills pigs though. i hope adam will forward his email and house address to me so i can thank him.

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Monday, January 16, 2006

I didn;t get where i was today by being clever

Sunday, January 15, 2006

i blame free porn

i haven't blogged for a while because every time i go near a computer i am drawn to those free sites that i found and my productiviy has gone right down.

tip for americans (the bad ones anyway):
next time you invade a country unlock their mucky satellite tv channels during invasion time and catch them with their pants down. for easier targetting ensure that their satellite dishes prominentally display the British flag and call it friendly fire.

my shift starts in half hour and im late, better go.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


i have been keeping myself to myself this last week, i found a nice website that has lots of free passwords for porn sites so i have been busy checking those out. a lady emailed Mr Adam Curry saying that she had a bad reaction when she heard my voice. thats not the first time a lady has had that reaction and reported me. i have disgussed these matters last night with my therapst and we both came to the conclusion that the last thing i want is to upset adams audience.i dont wnt adam to loose any audience becuase of my interactions with him, even madge is upset with me for no reason.

i know that adam understands my feelings and knows i would never do anyting to harm him. listening to him he seems so very busy these days jetsetting and whatnot, i wish i could help him in some way, even if its just to tidy up those plants by his driveway i dont mind doing it. i know i have no expertese in running a milion doller company, but i can always leave him to do that in his study area whilst i perform tasks deemed too menial for him. if its just cleaning his car, taking his dirty clothes to the laundrette or mowing the lawn; if adam does not do these then he can record more shows.

its just no good when he's not in the country, i don't know what to do with myself in the evenings. i dont know what to do with my time. i think i will draw some pictures. i should stay off my feet for a while.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Music industry hypocrisy

Record company lawyers are suing everyone for 'intellectual property theft' but I would hardly describe Busta Rhymes, The Sugababes, Mariah Carey and Girls Aloud as intellectual.

Stupid property theft might be a better criminal prosecution to file for and if they were my property I would be embarressed about even knowing them, let alone taking innocent civilians to court on their behalf for copying the odd mp3.

a lot of people and collegues call me stupid, but racist pop stars like Girls Aloud should be ashamed of themselves. when Cheryl Tweedy attacked that black woman calling her a fucking black bitch she was still allowed to work in the band - if that had been in any other profession she would have been out the door. what i don;t understand is the she called that woman a fucking black bitch and attacked her, and brian harvey from East 17 was kicked out of the band for talking about taking drugs - what sort of message does this send out? children must think that being racist is ok, but talking about taking drugs is bad (is the govement a waste of money then?). i think it must because they had a lot of money invested in the group.

which is what music boils down to. money. Mariah Carey does have a corking rack though and i will not sleep tonight with this confusion. what do people think about this?

Micheal Barrymore in celebrity Big Brother

If I was any of the other housemates I would stay well clear of that Jacuzzi.

happy new year

why do people say happy new year? january is always rubbish. mine has been. ever since i had to work christmas day things have gone downhill. i spent most of christmas at work, and the rest of it i suffered a cold. i have only just got over it properly and able to speak. i thought of lots of things to say for a podcast when i couldnt say them, now that my passages are clear i cant remember them. i am very forgetful at present, i think the nightnurse and lemsip is conflicting with my usual medication and i find myself going into a trance.

i hear that google are releasing their own computer, but it hardly seems worth it as it doesnt run any software that you can buy on the streets. i understand that apple users have this problem already, so google are just making things worse and flooding me with confusing products. the next time i buy a computer i will buy one that can play games on it other than minesweeper. this tin can i am using now goes very slow, i think i have viruses and spywear. i want one that i can podcast with, does anyone have any suggestions? i can get my hands on £200 for around 6 weeks. a mac mini seems to be what every-one likes hese days.


is it a mac mini or......

....a birthday cake?