Friday, January 30, 2009

back online again

i can finally get into my blog. they talk about britain becoming 100% connected, yet these so called experts couldnt even let me into my blog. i think it had a lot to do with forgetting my password.

because my life is so very boring right now i have had little to say and therefore twitter seems an ample recepticle for the few words i is an intregeing site and it allows me to update my thoughts via the phone which is a very exciting prospect when walking home and/or using the toilet. twitter has been in the news recently as being 'the next big thing', i would loved to have seen the BBC when they announced a PR spokesman from Twitter would be coming on to explain the site, but he was limited to do it in 140 characters or less. i am not sold on twitter yet for the same reason that i shall not use facebook----- none of the people whom i communicate with in guildford use it, we are all on SMS, i dont really want to reunited with old school bullys nor torture myself with images of prettygirls that never were.

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