Wednesday, August 30, 2006

head in a book all week

i am fed up with exams. i have been working all day, had no dinner and spent all evening revising.i think my life is boring and wish that all this studying would be over. i hope that if i pass then i will be able get a better job in the department-0-if not then i think i will be in debt forevever as i pay more interest than i pay off my loan. why do the banks do this? i hate not having any money. sometimes all i want to do is buy mum a bunch of flowers to suprise her or buy a round at the pub.i must already save for crhsistmas - everything is so expensive and living in guildford is much more expensive than most places around. i canot think of anyhting good to say as my head is fried nad i am frustrated by time and no money. i would trade everything right now to have either one. at least i am giving up my time with the hope that i will get a respectible job with a good wage.

Monday, August 21, 2006

what people are looking for on AOL

I 've just found a nice web site which tells you what peple search for on the internet. it does not tell you their names but it shows the same person looking for things which they shouldnt be looking for.

here are some ones that another web sit e has found:::::: also try this

Friday, August 18, 2006

giving terrorists what they want

with all these things going on in the news about increased security in airports and makingg travellers suffer , everyone keeps saying that "its giving terrorists what they want". i thought that all the terroists wanted was for america and england to stop killing people from iraq for oil and interfearing in other peples business. If anything, tightend security and increased spotchecks in airports is the last thing any terrorist would want if they were trying to smuggle a nucluar warhead disguesed as a bottle of water on board.

if terrorists want to blow up travellers they should focus on the type that go round in caravans, lower property values in the area, do dodgey block paving then crap through your letterbox afterwards. i for one would appreciate that. if any wood-be terrorist is reading this now then get your arse down to the A332 north of onslow as there is an extendid family of pikeys who have just parked 2 trailers , 3 landrovers and a horse tied to a washing line onto a patch of grass next to a burnt out stolen vaxhall cavalier. it shouldnot be too hard to blow their inbread arses up as they've left enough horse crap and calor gas bottles around to take half of guildford with them.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

romance isnt dead

its so nice to see big brothers Pete falling in love with Nikki, and Nikki falling in love with £100,000 the minute she got out of the house and relaised he was going to win.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

silly computers

i got discaplined at work today for something which was not my fault. i fill in a spreadsheet all day long with service users results and the computer kept telling me it had done some updates and wanted to restart. it asked if i wanted to wait until later and i kept clicking yes.ewhen i came back from deliverys all my whole mornings work had vanished as it had restarted.i am so angry and my manager was furious with me and thought i hadnot done any work. i am trying to get some training to do some exams right now so i can qualify for work in the labs but i am stuck in admin. and its all the fault of my stupid computer turning itself off without my consent. google ask broke this morning for 2 hours which made it very hard to look at the internet.

i found someone else had the same problem

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

big brother anger

i took all that time voting out people from the big brother house only to find they have been allowed back in;;; it makes me furious to know that they do not keep promises. how much more of my hospitals money must they waste for me to call premium rate numbers from work only to let them back in? a disgrase.


i have got the tv back to watch only to spend another evening painting. mum said we have an obscure living room so i was told to paint the walls a darker colour. now i have finished there is not anything worth watching. it is too hot. i am so behind with listening to everyones shows and i have been unable to make as many notes about podcasts and i feel disorganised.

Monday, August 07, 2006

i like this but do not understand the point

Sunday, August 06, 2006

modern art

i have been taking advanage of the cooler wether here and have been decorating the living room for the last couple of weeks. there is so much to do and every time i do one job i end up find ing that more things need fixing like plaster, fire damage and dry rot. so expensive to buy treatments for these. apart from sex i am not very good at DIY which is why these things aer taking me so long and feel like i have weeks to go yet.i tested the paint a couple of days ago by drawing a large illustration of adam on the wall but it has dried incorrectly. he shows through no matter how many layers i use and now i have run out of living room wall looks like the turin shroud and passers by have been stopping to look at the picture through the window.i do not like my privacy being invaded but must wait a day for the dulux to dry before the i can hang the curtains up the meantime everyone can see him laying on top of the sofa with his legs open whilst i do my wordsearch. mother has placed a candle infront of the mural for dignity purposes.