Saturday, April 30, 2005

abortion protestor

Went to town today minding my own business and a nice man with a beard, ponytail and clip boaard came up to me to see if I would vote for a pro life mp in the next general election. I don’t understand about all the ins and outs of the abortion argument and tried to find out more from him.

I wasn’t sure about how far his convictions go with such matters and asked if he eats eggs. When he said yes I asked him how he felt about the murder of unborn chickens, then he told me he was a vegaarian with the exception of fish. I don’t understand those type of vegatarians. In school we weren’t tought animal, mineral, vegitable - and fish. His reasoning was that fish arnt mentally concience in the same way that chickens, pigs and cows are.when i asked him in that case if it would be safe to eat retards and coma victims he stormed off in his sandles rufusing to give me a sticker.

I ate my donut and felt confused. Still don’t know who to vote for.

Have you got five minutes sir...?

Friday, April 29, 2005

never drinking again

my mouth tastes like someone has shit in it. i cant blog about last night because i cant remember last night. i think i used up most of the money myself. wish i had a laptop instead.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Facilitate this!

Just about to go on the staff drink event in 20 minutes, waitin for my lift. there was talk in the canteen today that the line managers will be paying for drinks. aperently if we dont use up all our budget before the end of the month then we get less money next year. so managers can put all the drinks bills on something called a "team motivation event", both our teams are going tonight and we have over £700 to use up. there may be trouble ahead.....! it is interesting about using up the budgets, before christmas a team leader brought all his team laptops because he needed to get more money for this year. looking forward to tonight, i'd prefer a laptop instead of a few free drinks though!!! one day, when i get a cool job perhaps.

better dash and get changed into my going out clothes - i think tonight will be a late one! sorry about no blog entry yesterday, i'm notching up skype calls left right and center, i've got a nice lady who is from america on my skype friends list (u know who u are - S!!!). its a fun peace of software alright. shame they dont do videos.



Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Installed Skype and it works on a modem!

Its' the Daily Smalls Code for April 27th 2005. i uninstalled skype a while back because it didnt work properly with a modems, but someone at work who uses it all the time said just turn off all the other programs running on the computer and it will work. so i've been tinkering around with it at the weekend and tonight and managed to get it working. the quality is pretty crackly with a modem but it works fine. i have found that i can save money on expensive microphones by plugging in my headphones into the microphone socket and talking loudly.

its a really good peice of software, and i hear loads of podcasting ppeople using it to call up guests. they all mention that they are having problems recording the skype conversions, i found by holding up my phone that i record my podcasts on to the computer soundblaster speaker that is playing skype it records fine.

its very exciting to use becuase it means you can look up girls on the internet and talk to them which is what i have been doing. most conversations i am having last roughly 2 minutes, although i did have a convestion with an australian man for about 5 minutes before he had to go. i am quite a shy person, this seems to be a good way to help confidence building. at the moment i am still experiemnting, becuase i cant run skype and ipodder at the same time it means i cant download podcasts (BAD!) and leave it on when i am up in my attic on the computer to receive calls. someone did call me when i left it on skype me and everything froze - thats some advice for modem users - be careful.

anyhow, i talk about how to use skype on my podcast incase yo havent used it before and give a quick demo of how to find women. its like 0898 numbers, but cheeper!!! plus i'm trying out a new server - didnt relise i got a load of space with NTLs dialup service for free. half of britain use NTL - they must have thousands of massive servers to store everyones homepages. let me know if things sound different on this server. it is a lot easier to upload onto this server than the webpage one of rizzn. i installed a programe called cute ftp but it seems overly complicated so i just type in my server address into the windows address bar and you can drag and drop the mp3 file straite into the folder. painless! if things are this easy then i'll be podcasting a lot more in future.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just got this email from a manager at work

Sent: 26 April 2005 16:39
Subject: RE: Team Strategy Event

>>As a result of the group mindshare event last week, we have come to the conclusion that staff need to evolve a frictionless network on a regular basis. Thereby, I have engineered a satisfactory resolution to resolve such matters.
>>On Thursday the 28th, all staff in the department will be required to exploit a robust system of relaxation. Please bring along adequate financial reserves so we can integrate personal niches between the ADT and NLBT teams. I will be there to facilitate us in reaching our vision destination at the The Drummond Arms on Woodbridge Road at 18:30.

If she wanted us to go out on the piss why didnt she just say so?

Monday, April 25, 2005


Monoculture is a word that has been doing the rounds in podcasting and i've been looking it up on the web to find out what it means. i'd like to understand more about what it means if anyone can post what it means to them to my comments. i think it means 'the most popular', things are shifting so fast though. when i ask for advice from various people about things to buy i always hear 'you HAVE to have x'...

  • digital music - you HAVE to have an ipod
  • purchase music - you HAVE to use itunes
  • a creative computer - you HAVE to have an imac

Which never really seemed to fit in with apples whole 'free spirit' attitude. the thing is if 95% of the world was apple and 5% was microsoft, would apple products still be the best and for what reason?

  • you are NOT allowed to say security - if Apples were the dominant computers then there would be a lot more viruses targeted for them, goes with the turf.
  • you cannot that microsoft are all beige boxes as you can use different coloured boxes for your pc.
  • you cannot say speed - i've heard so many podcasters CONSTANTLY complain that they cant record and even browse the web without a G5.

i dont know why i brought all that up. i think its becuase every magazine, website and tv channel i've been subjected to in the last few hours has in some way been connected to apple. not that they are not a bad computer, its just i'm getting apple 'monoculture'. they shouldnt advertise as i'm getting apple overload - they should stick to word of mouth, it sounds more credible.

if they bring out one more product, put one more letter 'i' infront of its name and put one more zero at the end of its price tag then try to sell it to using 'cool' looking people i'll scream.

The humble Toilet - £99.00

The Apple iToilet - £990.00 - desirable becuase of the trendy GAP wearing squatting woman?

How did my post turn into apple bashing? i'm not an apple basher. i'm an apple advert basher. theres a difference. here goes, i'm going to get a truck load of graphic designers start moaning...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

thats it

i had a nice podcast on my phone that was using up all the memory. copied it off the phone to the computer and deleted it. spent the last hour and a half waiting for it to upload onto the rizzn server. rizzn server said that it had it. i deleted it off my computer as hard disc is full. tried to load it just now off the rizzn server, guess what? vanished. not only is it late but i was looking forward to doing a podcast. my feedburner audience figures were at 28 on friday, now they are down to 22. bet they'll be on 18 tommorow. whats the point?

roger is : - Pee'd off big time.

if you would like to help me then please go to the beard community website, I'm thinking of growing a beard to make me look older and more attractive to girls and women but cant decide on one. i've got about 2 weeks worth that now needs to go in a certain direction, as it is itching like crazy. a thick warm beard shows verility and wisdom in a man - "Cole2.jpg", "fourmonths.jpg" and "2002beardB.jpg"? ladies, what do you think?


Everyone should have a hobby

But this man shouldn't. A ninety year old kinky dude sporting a white beard and leather jockstrap should under no circumstances be allowed near a pile of rubber and a needle and thread. Stick to dominos, talking about the war and complaining about the price of things these days. How on earth he managed to escape hospital treatment is beyond me, and the guy is allowed to wander around in the woods wearing these so called 'garments'. whats wrong with dressing up smartly in a nice pair of ironed trousers and a waistcost to attract ladies? His site (not sure what sort of organisation leatheroaks is) provides a facinating insight into combining perversion, dementia and figure hugging latex.

Word up.

leatheroaks - hundreds of photos.

Quote from Shishaldins Blog...

"I touched Leslie Hall's fupa before her encore of Gold Pants. I got a ton of photos of the show that I'll post tomorrow." - Shishaldin

- can't wait to see those photos, especially the fupa touching. Guess what my new homepage is today? Guess what my new wallpaper will be tommorow? Shishaldin touching Leslies fupa - i'll gladly trade in my Botox Babes IV for a video of that.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Star Wars III photos

I hate it when film studios release photos before the film, it means i can fill in the story blanks in my head, cant they just release teasers instead of the climax clips?

Anakin moments before he fries.

Kentucky Fried Anakin.

Kentucky Fried Anakin.

Kentucky Fried Anakin being re-assembled like a Lego set.

Kentucky Fried Anakin being re-assembled like a Lego set.

Lucas' film crew setting up a shot of Hayden Christensen lying on a operating table where Vader will be born.

Anakin gazes on as Vader's mask is being lowered onto his face.

Anakin moments before the mask completely encloses his face.

Darth Vader rises on his operating table, and turns to his new Master, Emperor Palpatine.

With mist filling the room, Darth Vader turns to his new Master, Emperor Palpatine.

Watch Padme gurgle.

Funeral at dawn.

Padme's japor snippet.

Darth Sidious charges at Yoda in the Senate chamber.

Yoda confronts Darth Sidious in the Senate chamber.

Yoda confronts Darth Sidious in the Senate chamber.

Obi-Wan and Yoda arrive at the Jedi Temple to view the aftermath of the Jedi slaughter.

Jedi casualties.

Obi-Wan watches a hologram of Anakin being knighted a Sith Lord by Darth Sidious.

Obi-Wan watches a hologram of Anakin taking on Cin Drallig and another Jedi Knight.

Anakin moments before he chops Count Dooku's head off.

Anakin moments before he chops Count Dooku's head off.

Anakin vanquishes Count Dooku.

Revenge of the Sith montage.

A Magnadroid sees Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter arrive on Utapau.

General Grievous on his wheel bike.

General Grievous.

General Grievous, his gutsack exposed, wields an electrostaff.

General Grievous getting shot with his own blaster.

Grievous exploding.

Grievous exploding...

Grievous gone.

Yoda shocked by Darth Sidious' Force lightning.

Palpatine takes on Mace Windu.

Darth Sidious unhooded.

Anakin getting back at Obi-Wan after he makes fun of Ani's hair.

Anakin chokes Obi-Wan while standing atop a Mustafar conference room table.

Anakin and Obi-Wan dueling atop a floating lava platform.

Obi-Wan arriving at the Lars Homestead with young Luke Skywalker.

Obi-Wan approaches the Lars Homestead with young Luke Skywalker.

Baby Luke.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Benedict XVI.

As soon as they laid that towel on the vatican balcony you just knew the pope was a german. It only just occurred to me that the names of Popes follow Apples naming conventions for their products - the last tiny little Pope in his long white robe reminded me of an Ipod shuffle with a wick.

Pope OS X