Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Marc van der Linde

work has been bad these last few days as i have had to work night shifts but good becuase i havent needed to do any work while i was there. instead i have been working on creating some Marc van der Linde images for adam. marc van der linde was the nasty magazine editor that stole photos from adams flicker web site and printed them in magazines and made lots of money from them.

Marc van der Linde
Marc van der Linde after pleasuring himself with a trombone, the rest are on tripod- Marc van der Linde

i am bored tonight, i have another 4 hours shift before haveing to walk home. i want a girlfriend so much.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

dont believe everything you read in the papers

i found this to be true today when i went to watch last nights eastenders. the tv guide said it was on last night at 8pm but instead it recorded half an hour of a football match. does anyone know what happened last night? i just see journalists as paid bloggers. when you pay someone to do something chances are they'll hate it and wont do a good job,but bloggers do it becuase they enjoy doing it.

i relaised today that i read more blogs than web pages ;;its easier to read and they dont have annoying animations flying around in the way with banner ads. you dont get a comment button on offical news but you can interact with bloggers and even make friends with them . at least people like madge weinstein reply, for someone who is supposed to be 'the thinking mans presenter' fern cotton hasnt sussed out how to switch on her pc. if she wasnt so sexy i'd be angry,




Monday, March 20, 2006

podcast - bus stop

i went out after work on saturday night and forgot that i recorded a podcast while waiting at the bus stop. running low on space so i had to set it on the low quality setting i'm afraid and also recorded in heavy traffic - skip it if it is too poor, i dont think i made much sense anyway. i didnot have any luck with any girls, nor was i sober. what a waste of a night out. i am timetabled in to work for another 9 consecutive days but the thought of overtime keeps me going;; had a huuuuuge big phone bill on saturday that i've got to pay off.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

dave winer doesnt keep his promises

i read on dave winers blog on monday...

"Why I will stop blogging,I can do it, folks, I have already, in some sense, stopped one of my rivers, and soon, probably before the end of 2006, I will put this site in mothballs, in archive mode, and go on to other things, Murphy-willing of course. "

sinse promising to give up he has already blogged 3 days worth of quotes about other people. if he says the words 'stop blogging' on monday i dont expect on thursday to check scripting news and find out he has been up to his old tricks tenfold.

some people might wonder why i am so interested in dave winer. he got upset when he found out that adam invented podcasting and set himself up to be adams nemesis. this angers me because of my feelings for adam . i feel that i must become the Mr Smythers to adams Mr Burns with dave winer looking, acting and sounding like the Comicbook Store Guy. as the fen shui book goes "keep your freinds close and your enemies closer". i therefore look from time to time to check on this man to see his claims. there needs to be some software all these blogs automatically as i am fed up of having to go through the favorits folder every day just to see if dave keeps breaking his promises, adam has updated his flickr account and the 2 free porn sites have updated the evenings listings. firefox has lots of tabs but they take forever to load. theses sites i think should email me when things get added.

late shifts this week have meant not much time to blog or record podcasts. went to spin class last night, i think this is my oportunity to meet girls. i recommend wearing underpants under your shorts if you are thinking of doing spin classes for three reasons. 1)sweating during the excercises forms a wet patch on my loin looking like i've pissed myslef. 2) prevents me from falling out again. work is so busy right now as it is coming to the end of the year and we have underspent for the 3rd year running so they have brought everyone in our office new desks and chairs plus thinking about upgrading the computers. if so then i hope i get a nice new one with a big screen. i cant think of anything to blog about so i am going to go for a walk.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Podcast - Web 3.0

nothing much has happened to me over the last week. i couldnot think of much to talk about today apart from some ideas about what i would like the next version of the internet to have. i wish something interesting would happen in my life but all i do is go to work and back. i missed the bus the other day and got rained on;that is the highlight of my week.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

i give up

at work people are hateful. online people are hateful. where can i go next?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

name calling

i have a headache and am upset with all the name calling from that nasty fruitcake on adams show. i cannot blog tonight but may record my thoughts tommorow instead. adam wants to meet me at something called the guardian meetup rather than round his house, i was really looking forward to actually going in his house but instead he wants to meet my mum in london. strange. i do not understand this and have emailed him six times today but he has yet to respond. madge played my song 'interspecies liason' that i made for her last night. the good thing about yeast radio is that i find madge encourages her listeners to send in songs, poetry and artistic things. she should get a grant from the arts council. and knighted along with adam.

Comic Strip Blogger

spin, magazine and khangrot

got back from spin class. boy i am unhealthy! there are many many prettygirls there and i managed to get a seat at the back to see all of their lovely bottoms wobble in time with some technobeat music. its upsetting though as cant make out in the mirror their face. this one lady i had developed feelings for through the duration of the 45 minute class turned out to be a right old trout close up. either that mirror was getting steamed up with all their ladysweat or my eyesight is going bad. not good when my hearing is already the wya it is. stupid body, i want a new one. its a shame you cant transplant body parts from dead people and sew them on. that would be nice.

oh, the important thing i forgot to mention was that the new magazine is out...


I wrote a small article in it. i have not had much of a chance to read any of it to recommend it but i am sure it is good. i will print it out using works paper in the morning (little tip for saving money there - also i suggest taking A4 paper and pens hidden in newspaper). i am happy becuase adam played my audio comment in delta siera charlie three hundred and 44, i offered him support for troubles and set him straight about my car. i also sent a message to madge weinstein who read out my script for a movie with rachal khan. although rachel was not availble at the time for anything madge read it out.

rachal khan

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

dreaded classes

i am just leaving my computer on to download my podcasts while i go to spin class tonight. i have not been for a while as the classes are always busy and all the christmas fatties have been hogging the best spots. i;ll write a proper blog post later. i had something impotent to say but cannot rememeber what it was.